Ridge Lane Neighbors Regular Meeting: Tuesday Jan 9th, 7pm, SFPL

We will be back at the Ingleside branch of the SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean, next Tuesday evening, January 9th, from 7 – 8:30pm. (January’s meeting was pushed out a week to make sure all our neighbors had fully recovered from New Year’s Eve celebrations! )

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!

***Meeting Notes added 2/4***

In Attendance:  Neighbors: Scott Kauffman; Warren Longmire; Moneka Urbanske; Robert Muehlbauer; Lynn Yuan; Patricia Ris; Danielle Casey Callaghan; Kristin Casey-Callaghan; Barbara VanderBorght

Partners: Marissa Alexander, SFPA; Julia Brashares, DPW
Reports from Marissa
1. Geotechnical Report Progress
One reasonable bid has come in for $4000 for initial report, but if more needs to be done, will raise price to $6500.
We approved spending on report to $6500.
UPDATE:  the additional money will not be needed, and the report should be completed by the end of January
The purpose of a report is to provide geotechnical specs to concrete contractors so that their bid can contain an accurate estimation of costs for concrete. Without the report, the concrete bids may go higher so as to cover for the most expensive scenario.
2. RFP Update
The RFP has gone out, there has been interest from at least 2 companies, and LMNOP has rebid with a revised timeline. Bids are due before our February meeting, at which we will go over them.
3. CatMex
Suzanne is continuing to demand  $3500 for the cleaning and grubbing that was done on Parcel 4 as per the contract, and $10,000 for the storage of bollards and dog waste stations.
The group was adamant about not paying any storage fees, and there is no contract or written agreement of any kind about this.  There was disagreement over whether we should pay for the work, either in part or for the whole amount charged.
It was finally agreed that we would pay the $3500, with the stipulation that there be a release from liability for any future demands for payment of storage fees (or anything else).
UPDATE: Marissa has taken care of this as per above decision
Meeting with Sup. Safai
There was some discussion about the necessity of having a meeting with Ahsha, what it should cover, who should attend, whether more general immediate neighborhood concerns are relevant to RLN.
The groups seems to still be divided on that last point, however, the other issues were decided as follows:
Scott will ask for a meeting.
Robert and Moneka offered their house as a meeting site.
The meeting will be open to the immediate community to bring up their concerns.
We will not discuss any RLN money issues with Ahsha at this meeting.
Some discussion items were listed in the November Meeting Minutes, when the Supervisor meeting was first proposed and approved, but Kristin will ask for and compile a list of things we are pleased about having been accomplished in the neighborhood(such as recent tree planting), and areas where we have concerns and would like some attention.  This will be sent to Ahsha’s office prior to the meeting.
Word will be sent out to our neighbors about the meeting. [ How and by whom?]
UPDATE:  the meetings been set for Thursday, February 15 from 6-7 at 57 Majestic.  Kristin sent out a link to a Googledoc for us to have input.  She sent out a compilation of the responses which is currently open for comment and revision.  Action on how the word will get out to others is still undetermined.?
District 11 Clean Team 
Julia reported that the Clean Team will be focused on District 11 on Saturday, February 10, and asked if we want to be included.  We do! The date even falls on our proposed second Saturday of the month for regular clean ups on the Lane, (however, we don’t seem to be in agreement about how frequently those should be held).
Since this is a city event, we can get additional volunteers to work on Ridge Lane with us, as well as tools, supplies and lunch.  We need to let Julia know how many volunteers we would like, what kind of work we want them to do, and whether lunches should be dropped off at our site, or is our vols will go to Balboa H.S., which is where the kick-off event will start at 9am (which at least some people should attend).
Next Meeting will be Tuesday, February 6 from 7:008:30pm at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise announced.
Respectfully Submitted (with apologies for the delay in getting them out, and thanks to Kristin for starting  minutes before I arrived),

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