Ridge Lane Neighbors Regular Monthly Meeting Tue Feb 6th, 7pm @SFPL

Hello neighbor! RLN will meet at the Ingleside branch of the SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean, next Tuesday evening, February 6th, from 7 – 8:30pm.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!


***Meeting notes added 2/22/18***

In Attendance:  Neighbors Patricia Ris; Kim Connor; Scot Kauffman; Kristin Casey Callaghan; Danielle Casey Callaghan; Corey Monteith; Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Barbara VanderBorght

                         SF Public Works: Julia Brashares; SFPA: Marissa Alexander; Designers: Nahal Sohbati, Eric Arneson
Welcome to new neighbor Corey Monteith.
  • Scott will start the meeting with an update on Ridge Lane construction/funding, etc.
  • Those who submitted points to the Google Groups doc will bring them up with Ahsha.  Perhaps Eric M. can talk about 1 Majestic.
  • Kristin will write up the document, adding the fireworks concern, and send it to Ahsha’s office ahead of the meeting.  She will also send this to us as our agenda.
  • Danielle will post event on Next Door.
  • Patricia will post on our website.
  • Since the meeting is being held in Robert and Moneka’s home, people can get the address when they rsvp, rather than listing it on either site.
SFPA is holding a day long event about capacity building, resources and more on Saturday April 14.  It is mandatory that at least one person from RLN attend.  Two people can attend for free, additional people must pay a small fee. Announcement will go out via email in coming week.
Who can attend?
Although the Geo evaluation has been performed (for $4000), she does not have a report yet.
RFP’s Update
LMNOP was the only contractor who has sent in a bid.  It is for Parcels 3 and 4, and comes to $542, 532. The breakdown for Parcel 4, with Value Engineering Options (which Nahal and Eric said we could use, and we already have the light bollards), bring the total for Parcel 4 to $184, 244.
Marissa will contact Bloom & Lawn and Madrono to encourage them to submit bids this month – just for Parcel 4.
We should also see if we can get some additional funding from Sup. Safai or Public Works, and/or in kind labor from PW.
District 11 Clean Up Day on February 10.  Starts at Balboa H.S.  Discussion on what tools/supplies we will need.
  • Eric and Nahal will supervise work on Parcel 1.
  • Mary Beth and Patricia will install missing bollard and dog waste stations on Parcel 1.
  • Scott will supervise the additional non-neighbor volunteers we will get to move down the Lane and include work on Parcels 2,3, and 4.
  • Danielle will post on Next Door.
Next Meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 6 at 7pm at the Ingleside Branch Library, unless otherwise notified.

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