What is Ridge Lane?

Ridge Lane is a city owned street that runs from Josiah/Howth Avenue to San Jose. Bordering the neighborhood once known as Columbia Heights, the path has been neglected and is need of transformation so neighbors can make use of the space and navigate safely.

What is Ridge Lane Neighbors?

Ridge Lane Neighbors (RLN) was formed in 2013 by a group of Ingleside Residents who have joined together in an effort to transform Ridge Lane into the beautiful walkway our neighborhood deserves. We consider Ridge Lane a neighborhood treasure that some of us live on directly, and use daily to get to work, walk the dog, or stroll to admire the views of the Bay and San Bruno Mountain.

Voted as SF Park Alliance’s “2017 Volunteers of the year,” RLN has mobilized action on the lane and has seen the successful transformation of Parcel 1 (from Josiah/Howth Avenues to Margaret/Louisberg Avenues) and Parcel 4 (connecting Caine Avenue to San Miguel Avenue). Work on Parcels 2 and 3 (connecting Margaret/Louisberg Avenues to Caine Avenue) is in progress, and the group continues to work towards transforming the lane into a beautiful and safe path that can be enjoyed by the neighborhood.

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