The design for Ridge Lane was executed by talented landscape architect Nahal Sobati and landscape designer Eric Arneson. Their design was chosen from a number presented by the students at Academy of Art University. Read more about the process here.

Click here to see the full design: Ridge Lane

Recently Completed: Caine-to-San Miguel

Parcel 4 of Ridge Lane includes the stretch from Caine to San Miguel, which was recently completed and is being enjoyed by neighbors finally able to use the staircase! Click below to see the PDF of Nahal Sohbati & Eric Arneson’s beautiful plans and stop by Parcel 4 to see those plans executed.

Click here for PDF: parcel4-graphics


The first parcel of this project (Josiah/Howth to Margaret/Louisberg was completed in June 2016. Click here to see the celebration and visit the site to meet neighbors and enjoy the view.

Margaret-to-Majestic and Majestic-to-Caine

We intend for these two parcels to be completed in the future. See the full design file above for beautiful images of the re-imagined space.

Topographic Survey

Click below to review the Topographic Survey of Ridge Lane completed in 2014 by the Bureau of Street Use and Mapping:


This survey shows property lines and topography for the entire run of Ridge Lane.

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