Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting – TUE Dec 5th – DIFFERENT LOCATION

What: Regular Monthly Meeting
When: Tuesday December 5th, 6:50 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Meet at Caine & Ridge Ln a few minutes before 7pm, walk to a neighbor’s house for meeting

Please join us Tuesday December 5th, for our regular monthly meeting. We’ll meet at Caine & Ridge a few minutes before, and walk to a nearby neighbor’s house from there to start the meeting at 7.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!


***minutes added 12/8/17***

In Attendance:  Neighbors: Scott, Robert M., Moneka, Warren, Debbie, Lynn, Barbara

Public Works: Julia;  SFPA: Marissa
Many thanks to Lynn for hosting the meeting in her home and providing treats.
Marissa has sent the bid from LMNOP via email.  Came to $180,000 for Parcels 3 and 4, minus the concrete work.
There was discussion on how to proceed from here.  Scott feels strongly that we should go ahead with whatever work on Parcels 3 and 4 can be done, without waiting for the concrete, for fear that we will lose funding opportunities, or that the project will never get done.  It was pointed out that the concrete work is likely the foundation for any other work, that our funders are aware of our difficulties and do not hold us responsible, and that finding someone to do the concrete should be possible next spring, just not now.  However, Marissa will speak to Nahal about what the possibilities are for proceeding without the concrete.
The primary concern of the group as a whole is that stairs go in on Parcel 4 to allow for safe navigation. If we don’t have enough money at this point for Parcels 3 and 4, the stairs on Parcel  4 is where that money should go.
Any referrals to concrete contractors are welcome.
It was determined that we should go ahead with getting a geo-tech report, as recommended by Ian of LMNOP.  Marissa will look into finding out just what sort of info we need and asking for estimates (she recently saw such a report on another project for $3500 and will get a recommendation from Ian).  We authorized spending up to $5000 for this without having to come back to us for approval.
UPDATES:  Warren sent out helpful info from a geologist friend on what we probably need (not a full book sized report) and type of person/firm to approach, and Marissa found that the LMNOP recommended source came in with a bid of $28,000!
Marissa will send out as soon as she gets some necessary info from Nahal.  The bids will be due at the end of January and we can discuss at our February meeting.  Please send any suggestions on who to send a RFP.  (Hopefully Madrono is on the list – just recently came across their bid for Parcel 1).
Marissa met with Suzanne, who is asking for $10,000 for storage and $3500 for the clearing work the was done (badly).  She did return the money paid out for the unbuilt kiosk.
Suzanne is stating that there was never a directive that she start work in March, or at any time before she finally returned the signed contract in early August (it went out to her in April).  Does anyone have anything in writing that can verify an agreed upon start date?
There were some very strong feelings expressed about what has transpired and how to proceed.  It was determined that we do not feel that we owe this money and will not pay.
It’s possible that we may be liable for the storage for the one extra bollard from Parcel 1 that could not be installed – at a reasonable rate.
Since we had worked successfully with CatMex before, and for other reasons having to do with how SFPA approaches projects, there was a lack of written agreements.  This will change.
Julia reported that the empty tree basins on Howth will be planted by BUF (Bureau of Urban Forestry) in the next 1 -2 months.
As per Prop. E, street trees are now the responsibility of the City for pruning and maintenance, however there is a major backlog, with trees presenting an imminent danger getting priority.  For problems with trees (such as the ones in the Caine median), we can take pictures and send an email to Julia or to Carla Short, head of BUF.  Julia will send a link to a Public Works TV segment on street trees.  (DONE)
Also, the City is not paying for the street trees that are planted, except in District 11, since Sup. Safai has provided funding to plant 500 trees a year for as long as he is in office. That number has already been reached for this FY.
Scott suggested building a kiosk ourselves as a community project.
It was determined that regular monthly clean-ups start in February.  To be planned at January meeting.  there was some discussion as to whether the cleanups should be monthly or quarterly.  This will also be determined in January.
Thumbtack.com was mentioned as a place to post construction needs – such as our concrete work (or maybe even to post our RFP?)
We decided to have a separate meeting with Ahsha in January, rather than inviting him to our regular monthly meeting.  First choice is to have him come to the neighborhood on the evening, but if that is not possible, having whoever can go meet him in his office during the day.  Scott will follow up with Cathy, and, if necessary, Barbara will contact Suhagey.
Will be held on Tuesday, January 9 (not the 2nd) at 7:00pm – at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise notified.
Respectfully submitted, with best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year!

2 thoughts on “Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting – TUE Dec 5th – DIFFERENT LOCATION

  1. Dear Neighbors,

    My final class for the semester is tonight so I will miss the December meeting also. But I wanted to let you know that a new neighbor who moved in at 336 Louisburg (I met her when our mail got mixed up; I’m at 366 Louisburg!). She is an urban planner and was thrilled about Ridge Lane and would like to join the group and get involved.

    Her name is Markio Davidson and her email is: marikodavidson@gmail.com

    I hope you will invite her to join the Ridge Lane Neighbors. And I hope the meeting goes well. See you all in January.


    Kimberly Rae Connor, PhD Professor School of Management University of San Francisco 2130 Fulton Street San Francisco, CA 94117 connork@usfca.edu 415.422.2869




    1. What great news Kim! Thanks for sharing her contact information. We missed you at our meeting this week, and look forward to seeing you at our district clean up day on Feburay 10th, if you’re available. We hope to install the doggie stations on parcel one (I have two in my garage ready to go). I look forward to meeting Markio and hope she can join us too. Will look out for her on my daily Ridge Lane walks.
      Patricia (24 Josiah)


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