Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting Tonight – Different Location

What: Regular Monthly Meeting
When: 6:50 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Meet at Caine & Ridge Ln a few minutes before 7pm, walk to a neighbor’s house for meeting

Please join us tonight, Tuesday November 7th, for our regular monthly meeting. There was a scheduling conflict at the library so we’ll meet at Caine & Ridge a few minutes before, and walk to a nearby neighbor’s house from there to start the meeting at 7.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there


***Meeting Notes Added 11/16***

In attendance:  Neighbors Robert R.; Warren; Lynn; Patricia; Danielle; Kristin; Robert M.; Mary Beth; Barbara

Designers Nahal and Eric; Marissa, SFPA; Julia, Public Works
Guest: Ian from design/build firm, LMNOP
Thank you to Robert and Warren for graciously hosting the meeting in their home and providing treats
Report from Marissa
Before Ian arrived, Marissa filled us in on what has been happening. LMNOP has not been able to find a concrete contractor to do the work anytime soon (ie, definitely not before the end of 2017.  The one bid they did get was for $250,000 for both Parcels 3 and 4, which seems rather high. We still don’t have an estimate from LMNOP for what their part of the work would be.
Also, some concrete contractors wanted to see a geotechnical report to see what is going on beneath the surface, before they would bid on the work.
Since we cannot get anyone to do the work this year anyway, Marissa will start a new bid process soon with a deadline of January 15.
We might be able to get some additional funding from CCG due to the issues we’ve had with the failure of CatMex to do the work after stringing us along for many months.  Everyone is aware of what has happened.
A new obstacle to getting our project done might be all the rebuilding that will be going in the North Bay.
The materials we purchased that had been stored at CatMex have been delivered to Julia’s office at Public Works.  Patricia has taken one bollard and the dog waste stations (for Parcel 1).  Lyn agreed to take the other 12 bollards.  Julia can arrange to have them delivered by Public Works. The payment CatMex demanded for work done and storage fees is still being worked out.
Ian gave some background on his firm, which is small (8-10 people on staff).  They have done commercial, residential and work building parklets. They like doing community projects – like Urban Sprouts.
They would not be doing site work such as clearing, grading, concrete/paving. but they would do the wood stairs and lighting installation.  They would hire subcontractors for the concrete and landscaping.
He thought it might be easier to get more bids from concrete contractors in the new year, although we may not get anyone able to start work until spring, or even early summer. We would want to sign a contract as soon as we get a reasonable offer, to be sure to have a commitment to the work.
They would have a Project Manager on site who is good at working with people (ie neighbors), and they would always be available by phone if not on site at any particular time.
Ian can provide Marissa with the names of a couple of geotechnical engineers who could dig down and take samples to determine what the geotechnical situation is like for the digging out.  A report on this should hopefully not cost more than a couple thousand dollars.
We asked for an estimate from LMNOP on what the costs would be for Parcels 3 and 4, broken down by parcel and type of work, minus the concrete, but including the landscaping.
Other Matters
We did not get word out about the monthly cleanups.  Decided to start them in January.
Continued neighbor concern about the empty house/eyesore at 1 Majestic, especially now that someone has been spotted in the back yard – perhaps squatting there. Consensus that as a neighborhood group, we should concern ourselves with more issues than just the Lane, but it is unclear what more we can do about 1 Majestic, since we have tried to get action from the City, but nothing seems to have happened besides the posting of notices.
Suggestion that we invite Supervisor Safai to our December meeting to discuss this and other topics.
A number of issues were proposed:
  • House on Majestic
  • Funding for Ridge Lane – both from supervisor add backs and the BART connection
  • Changes to the single family home community – the giant new houses being constructed on Caine; reconstruction of single family houses into multi units; house flipping; making homes into rooming houses
  • Possibility of City installed irrigation in median on Caine (such as was done on Quesada) and the cutting back of the trees which keep falling on power lines
  • Shortening the median at top of Caine
  • Fireworks dangers
Action items:
  • Delivery of bollards to Lyn (Julia and Lyn)
  • RFP’s sent out by Marissa
  • Geotechnical engineer contacts from Ian to Marissa – then check out pricing and informing group
  • Break down bid from Ian to Marissa to be sent out to the Steering Committee
  • Get word out about monthly cleanups starting second Saturday in January – who can help with this?
  • ****Invite Supervisor Safai to our December 5 meeting.  Who is going to do this?*****
Next meeting on Tuesday, December 5 at 7:00pm at the Ingleside Library, unless notified otherwise



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