Meeting Tuesday evening at Library, 7pm


Please join us for our regular monthly meeting at the SF Public Library, Ingleside Branch, Plymouth@Ocean, 7-8:30 pm.

A few of the things we’ll discuss:

1.) Confirm bollard light decision
2.) Confirm plans for monies left over
Next steps for parcel 4
– Bid?
– Funds available?
– Status on encroachment issues?
3.) Grant application status
4.) Irrigation infrastructure for parcel 1
5.) Clean-up day?

Hope to see you there!


***minutes added 10/13/16***

RLN meeting notes 10/4/16

In attendance:

Neighbors: Scott Kauffman; Lynn Yuan; Patricia Ris; Warren Longmire; Robert Rodriguez

SFPA: Marissa Alexander;

AAU: Nahal Sohbati; Eric Arneson

Warren chaired the meeting

Reviewed open items and discussed the following:

-it would be nice to have something like a centralized google doc showing how much we have left and dates in which we need to spend it. To discuss with Marissa

– we must spend the current amount by October 31st. Balance around $3,100 will go to urban farmer Tom for irrigation. *Please note Marissa will be out 10/13-10/24. If we need a check request during this time, contact Bonnie.

Next steps for parcel 4:

– we have $90,000

– waiting on CCG grant decision. Marissa said around December.

– we discussed moving forward with the water meter to be installed on parcel 3 to cover both parcels 3 & 4. We will need to file an application with PUC. Scott will own the application submission and Patricia will look for notes on the first application for parcel 1.  We will also need to repeat the application process for parcel 2 when the time comes.

– we discussed that we can just work with Catmex going forward (we don’t have to have a new bid process for every parcel)

– Nahal will submit the drawings 10/31 to show how much it will cost to do all the parcels. DPW has structural engineers and landscape architects involved with the review.

– we need to submit another application to CCG and should aim to get it done this month. The $90,000 that’s secured is going through them and is available 11/1 for 16 months. I was a little fuzzy on why we need to do the second application but Marissa said we can use the first application as the template and just update the plans and budget. 

Miscellaneous topics:

– we discussed having a neighborhood cleanup 11/12 from 10-12. We will discuss in more detail on 11/1.

– doggie waste bag distributor – it would be nice to get one for parcel 1.

– San Francisco Safe – we might want to get them to talk to property owners who are skeptical, to discuss the benefits of the beautification project on Ridge Lane.

– we should get signage up on parcel 4 showing of the upcoming work that will be done in order to educate neighbors and so that it’s not a surprise when the lane is inaccessible during construction

Open tasks:

– Follow up with Julia to see where we are on the encroachment violations and next steps for those neighbors. (Warren sent Julia email)

– Warren will ask Gonzalo if he’s around 11/12 for the cleanup day so he can own the Majestic ridge. (Done)

– Patricia will talk with Tom at urban farmer to get a quote for irrigation installation. (Done)

– Patricia will look for information for the first application to PUC for the water meter and give to Scott.

– Patricia will reach out to Suzanne and ask her to attend our next meeting to give us an update.

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