Meeting Tonight at Ingleside SF Public Library, 7- 8:30pm



Please join us for our regular “1st Tuesday” meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors. Tonight’s meeting will be at the Ingleside branch of the SF Public Library, Ocean @ Plymouth, from 7 – 8:30 pm. See you there!
Sept 6th Meeting Agenda:
1. Meeting locations
2. Update on Community Challenge Grant Program
3. Money – remaining funds to be spent before deadline (parcel 1 irrigation, bollards)
4. Design elements for Nahal’s plan
***Minutes added 10/3/16***
In Attendance
Neighbors: Robert Muehlbauer; Moneka Urbanske;  Warren Longmire; Scott Kauffman; Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Lynn Yuan; Patricia Ris; Erwin Paminiano; Barbara VanderBorght
SFDPW: Julia Brashares; SFPA: Marissa Alexander; AAU: Nahal Sohbati; Eric Arneson; Heather Clendenin
Warren chaired the meeting.
It was determined that he will set the agenda and chair the meetings.  Scott will book the meeting place and let everyone know.  Barbara will continue to take minutes.
We welcomed Marissa Alexander, the new Street Program Manager at SFPA, and our liaison to that organization. She is not new to SFPA, just to this position. Bonnie Bergeron has moved to another interim position at the Alliance.
Kim Alvarenga, a supervisoral candidate for District 11 dropped by briefly, but did not speak.
RLN AUGUST 11 MEETING with Mohammed Nuru
Those who attended were very encouraged by Mr. Nuru’s stated commitment to the RL project, and that he sees it as one of his “legacy projects”.  He encouraged us to be ready to move to get the whole project completed in a couple of years, and thus to have all the drawings prepared.  We have demonstrated organizational success, and if we have things “shovel ready”, we should be able to get financial backing.  We do need to proceed with the CCG proposal for this upcoming round.
A number of RLNs met on August 31 to organize the writing of the grant proposal.  Great strides have already been made.  Scott sent out an electronic version and brought print copies to share.  He is the coordinator overseeing the proposal process. Edits or additions to what has already been written should be sent to him, with cc to the group working on the proposal (in order to avoid confusion and duplication of effort).
We still need a Sustainability Plan (part of the design):  Nahal and Eric will handle this.  And a 5 year Maintenance Plan: the grant group will work on this.
It was determined that since the grant ask will all be needed for Segment 4, and the budget and Work Plan need to match the real costs for Segment 4, we will focus the grant application on asking for funds for Segment 4, while describing our larger plan for all the segments.  We can ask for another grant for subsequent segments in the future.
The application should be turned in to Marissa by end of day, Monday, September 19.
The $23,000 (approximately) we have left over in our SFPA account, which came from Sup. Avalos’s Office, but was processed as a CCG, must be spent by October 31.  Marissa told us that we could apply for an extension, but we would have to explain why we have money left (our contractor came in under budget), and submit a work plan for how we will spend it, and how much longer we would need.  This should be submitted sooner rather than later, as it could take awhile to get a decision and if we didn’t get the extension, we would have to spend the money in a hurry.
The other option is to spend the money before the deadline. It was proposed we spend it on:
  • Irrigation supplies for Segment 1 (we would install), which should cost approx. $3,000
  • Paying Nahal for her design plans for Segments 2,3, and 4, $8,000.  NOTE: We will need a contract for this.  Robert M. will work on this.
  • Buying the bollard lights for Segments 2,3, and 4.  We should need 25 lights at approximately $1100-1200 each.  We also have a $5000 CAG for these, but even so, the remaining $12,000 would not cover all of them. NOTE: Barbara and Lynn will work on getting these ordered. Lynn offered to store them at her home.
We decided on following this option .
UPDATE FROM MARISSA: For the remaining $23k, we need to submit to Lanita a brief explanation about why we have funds left along with a work plan and budget for what those funds will cover. As long as that aligns with the original scope, the items we discussed should be fine. Is there anyone who is able to take the lead on that, and I can work with them? NOTE:  Robert M. has offered to do this. It sounds like we will need to hold off spending outside that original work plan until we get this info to Lanita, so it should be a high priority.
Marissa also told us we need someone to write the 3rd and 4th (and final) reports for this year’s CCG.  Moneka offered to do this.  Marissa will send her what was submitted for the 1st two reports.
Julia announced that the remaining $15,000 from the original $150,000 from Sup. Avalos has been located and will be transferred to our SFPA account. There was some discussion about whether the deadline for spending this amount would be October 31, or not since we hadn’t had access to these funds.  Julia said she would into this.
UPDATE FROM MARISSA:  The $15,000 will NOT expire this Oct. 31st, but will be combined with the $75,000 from this year’s set aside from Sup. Avalos. Probable expiration date will be Oct. 31, 2017. We thus have $90,000 (minus the 9% fee from SFPA).
We need to put up a sign/plaque acknowledging and thanking CCG and our other sponsors, with their logos.  This would include: SFPA; Sup. Avalos’ Office; PG &E; Community Action Grant; and….?  Patricia will work on this.
Nahal presented large scale representations of her plans for Sections 2, 3 and 4. They were beautiful, and everyone was favorably impressed.
Elements include:
A combination of cement and wooden (redwood) stairs which are floated on the current hardscape (saving costs by not having to dig out a lot of bedrock and other stuff).
A butterfly corridor with special plantings on Segment 3 (section identified by a California Academy of Sciences expert).
A “gathering spot” at the top of Caine.  There were objections about making it too much of a “gathering spot”, especially as this would be right outside the adjacent home on San Miguel, so this plan will be revised somewhat.
There was discussion on whether the entrance/exit to the Lane onto San Miguel should turn to lead onto the sidewalk (as is currently planned), or go straight onto the dead end top of the street, to eventually continue onto Segment 5.
Nahal expressed her desire to have another presentation of the plans for a larger cross section of the neighborhood in the near future.  Perhaps this should take place in the neighborhood to draw in more attendees.  When?
Nahal’s designs will now go to CatMex for a cost estimate.  This estimate should include the installation of a irrigation system and standard trash receptacles which are acceptable to the City for pick up.
The designs and cost estimate will be included with the CCG application.  Nahal will ask Suzanne to submit an estimate by Sept. 14.
The next regular meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 4 at 7pm at the Ingleside Library (unless announce otherwise).
Submitted by
Barbara VanderBorght

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