Monthly Meeting Tonight – Ridge @ Caine 7pm

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Our regular meeting will be held tonight, August 2nd, at 7pm. (Yes, this is a different night and place from usual!) We’ll meet and discuss plans for the next phase of Ridge Lane improvement.

See you there!


***Meeting notes added 8.11****

Meeting started at Caine Avenue and Ridge Lane, and then adjourned to Lynn’s house at #3.  Thank you Lynn.

In Attendance

Neighbors: Scott Kaufmann; Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Robert Rodriquez; Lynn Yuan; Debbie Cornejo; John Cornejo; Warren Longmire; Robert Muehlbauer; Gonzalo Mannucci; Barbara VanderBorght
Julia Brashares. DPW; Nahal Sohbati and Eric Arneson, AAU
Also, Supervisorial candidate Ahsha Safai stopped by to meet us and declare his support for our development of Ridge Lane.
Minutes from July meeting were approved.  Note: should include addendum from Patricia that the previously uninstalled bollard light is going to be installed on Section 1, rather than being held for Section 4.
Julia Brashares was here in her new capacity as Director of the Street Parks and Clean Team Program at DPW, and thus DPW’s liaison with us.  Jonathan Goldberg will continue to be involved with us for a time through his position with the Green Benefits Program (also DPW).
Action Items from July
The trash receptacles currently installed on Section 1 are not the standard ones.  Julia will look into getting one standard SFDPW receptacle to be placed at one of the entrances which can be emptied on a regular basis by Recology.     We can then choose to keep the 2 trash bins currently on the Lane and empty them into the City one, or remove them altogether.
Jonathan got a rough estimate from DPW on what they would charge to put in a stairway on Section 4 of $150-200,000.
Doggie bag dispenser and info on Caine Avenue’s status vis a vis moving the median info not yet known.
The $75,000 Sup. Avalos requested has been approved. It will go to DPW.  Unclear what process will be to get it moved to Parks Alliance.
The $15,000 from our last set aside from Sup. Avalos that didn’t get moved is still at DPW.  Julia will look into this as well.
We will need to hear from Bonnie Bergeron about how much money is left over after the completion of Section 1.
NOTE: Sup. Avalos reminded me recently that the $150,000 he provided for us was originally supposed to be for Caine to San Miguel, the focus of the project before it expanded to include all segments of Ridge Lane and we decided to do Howth to Margaret first.
Encroachment Issues Section 4
Julia and Jonathan and Steve and Tony from Street Use and Mapping came out to take a look at Parcel 4 and where the encroachments impact the surveyed space of Ridge Lane.  General alert letters were sent to the 2 property owners who have encroached on this portion of the Lane.   Julia e-mailed us copies of these. More detailed letters will be going out from Steve and Tony in the near future.
It was suggested at our last meeting that we would like Warren to take on the leadership role for Section 4.  Warren let us know that he is willing to be more involved in some aspects, but cannot commit to doing all that Patricia had taken on for Section 1 due to his work commitments.  Barbara and Mary Beth had offered to share some of the leadership tasks.  The 3 of them will have to talk to see how that might be worked out.
All present agreed that the first Tuesday of the month is a good time to meet for the near future.  We decided we would like to have the meetings in people’s homes whenever possible, and several people offered to host.  However, we would like to hold our September meeting at the Ingleside Library, and Scott offered to take care of the booking and key pick up.
Reminder: the open period for application for the Fall Cycle is August 16 – September 23. The grant announcements are made in December.
There is also a Spring Cycle which runs from February 7 – March 17, with the announcements being made in June.
The top grant amount is $100,000.  As this is a (partial) matching grant, we will have to match a percentage of whatever amount we receive with volunteer hours, in kind donations and other fund raising…counting only what happens after the grant is received.
Once a grant is received and work begins, we would have 1 year in which to spend it down.
Everyone is still in agreement that we should divide the questions/requirements up among various people to make the workload easier.
We will make every effort to apply for the Fall cycle.  If we should not be successful, we will reapply in Spring.
Among other things, we will have to submit:
3 Letters of Support (suggested to be from DPW, SFPA and Sup. Avalos’ Office)
Budget (based on estimate, such as the one from DPW)  and timeline
Bios of the team members
Design drawings
Suggested that we ask Bonnie to send us samples of previous successful CCG applications so we can see what info is needed and what worked.  Bonnie can you please do this?
Nahal would like to meet with the community to get ideas about what we would like to see done on all the remaining sections, as she is using this project for her thesis submission.  We, of course, need these drawings and community input as well.  We will start with meeting about Section 4 at our next scheduled meeting on September 6.  We should dedicate an hour to this discussion, and plan on having a longer meeting than usual so our core members can also plan on meeting the grant application requirements. This is why we want to have this meeting at the Library, instead of a home.
NOTE: At the meeting, it was decided that we would put up a notice of the September planning meeting on our online sites, and one paper copy on the Section 1 bulletin board.  However, after some reflection on this, I would like to suggest that since the plans for Sections 3 and 4 involve getting rid of the 2 parking spaces currently at the top of Caine, and since we do not know how parking at the top of the cul de sac will be affected, especially if the median is not moved back, this will have a big impact on the residents of Caine, especially since there a number of houses that do not have driveways, and a number of houses that rent out rooms to multiple occupants with multiple cars.  Therefore, I think that the residents of this block of Caine should have notifications of the September meeting to have some awareness of and input into the plans. This will hopefully engender good will, acceptance, and possible increased involvement.  Thoughts?
What was the form the notice on the board was going to take? Who was going to do that?  Can Julia or Bonnie make copies for us (me) to distribute? 
There will be a meeting with Mr. Nuru on Thursday, August 11 from 1-2pm at City Hall, Rm. 348 to update him on where we are with our plans and ask him for input on whether he thinks we are on the right track, what DPW’s role will be in helping us along and any suggestions he might have.  Robert M. and Scott will be going, as well as Julia and Jonathan, Nahal and Eric, and Bonnie.  (I think I have this right).  If anyone else can make it, email Robert M.
Prior to the meeting, Robert will send out an email with the points he wants to cover.  Other suggestions for relevant topics can also be sent to him.
TABLED for future meeting(s):
Report on the irrigation workshop at Urban Farmer.  Reminder: there is another one this coming Saturday, August 6.
Presentation by Gonzalo Mannucci about a project he and his neighbors are interested in at Majestic and Summit, inspired by our work on Ridge.
Tuesday, September 6 at 7pm, at the Ingleside Library – location to be confirmed.
This will be a joint  Section 4 design planning meeting and CCG application planning meeting.  It’s Important!!
Respectfully (and hopefully accurately) submitted,

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