Meeting Thur Feb 12, 7pm @ SFPL


Date: Thursday February 12th
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: San Francisco Public Library
Address: 1298 Ocean Avenue (at Plymouth), SF, CA 94112


***Notes Added 2/22/15

Meeting RLN | Thursday February 12th  | 2015
SFPL | Ocean Avenue Branch | 7-8:15pm
In attendance: Mary Beth, Lynn, Warren, Robert M., Fayaz, Julia, Sandra, Patricia.
1/ Barbara’s minutes from last month, containing the guidelines this group created and adopted for the entire stretch of Ridge Lane are approved. 
These guidelines also available on our website.
2/ Heather Clenendin’s generous offer to bring Nahal Sohbati or another intern from SFFAAU to assist us with the progress of our design plans is accepted with enthusiasm and gratitude.
3/ Robert proposes to talk about section 4 of RL, which runs from Caine to San Miguel Streets, 
and arrive to a consensus about our wishes for improvements.
4/ Sandra reports back from DPW, and relays that the recommendations about encroachment issues, 
provided by Tony Botts (Public Works, Streets and Mapping)
during the latest walk through, have been rejected by Mohammed Nuru, ED of DPW.
5/ A tentative meeting and walk through is proposed by Sandra Zuniga with Mohammed Nuru
(Director of Public Works) for this coming week.
At the time of this email a tentative date and time has been proposed for:
Wednesday February 18th at 7am.
Meeting place: Ridge Lane at Josiah/Howth Avenues.
This date and time ill be confirmed.
The goal of this meeting is:
A/  walk through with special attention for encroachment hot spots:
– Corner of Ridge Lane and Margaret Avenues
–  Caine at U-turn
–  Caine at San Miguel
–  San Miguel and San José
B/ Design proposals and options for the stairs between San Miguel and Caine Avenues
Wood or Concrete -> Mr. Nuru recommends…
Appendixes to facilitate this meeting:
– Survey, with special attention to above mentioned encroachment ‘hot spots’
– Nahal’s design proposal for section 4
– RLN General design Guidelines
– Photograph of new wooden stairs Glen Park/Mary Beth
Sandra: will you be able to bring a hard copy of the survey?
Patricia will bring Nahal’s design packet, a copy of the RLN General Guidelines
and a print of the aforementioned photograph of the wooden stair design option/Glen Park.
Respectfully submitted by:
Patricia Ris

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