Meeting Minutes from 1/31/15


In attendance: Neighbors Warren, Robert R., Moneka, Robert M. (and daughter), Patricia; Lynn, MaryBeth, Barbara,  and Heather from AAU

There were print copies of Nahal’s complete design for each of us.
Warren very ably led the discussion with a large pad, easel and markers. He suggested we voice what we would like to see for the overall design for the whole Lane, and then specifics for Parcel 1 (Josiah to Margaret).
What follows are the suggestions that were written down, I have grouped related items, and added commentary from later in the meeting where relevant.
Esthetics/General Design
Lighting low to the ground
Slight meander to path for interest, but that doesn’t impede straight forward navigation
Native, drought tolerant plants, friendly to native butterflies and bees
Organic esthetic – “invisible design” that doesn’t feel imposed – restorative
Preserve natural features (like rock outcroppings) where feasible
Any structures must be accepted by the City (ie meeting codes and standards)
Low maintenance- applying to the organic and inorganic
Maintain good sight lines
Trees – consider very specific species on stretches where appropriate
Sizeable bushes can serve as soft barriers to walls and fences to prevent graffiti  (but as mentioned later, this may cause present other issues – if right up against a wall or fence, they could trap moisture, if there is a space, they good serve as a hiding place)
Indication where each Ridge Lane segment begins and ends, with street names in ground (see design by Nahal)
Trash cans which are serviced
Water – what, how and where still to be determined (Patricia has been trying to get the Urban Farmer guy out to our site for a consultation, with no luck thus far)
Erosion control; good drainage; water permeable surfaces
Safety and Accessibility
Steps, where needed, with handrail
Steps not too steep, and where possible wide enough to accommodate someone with a personal shopping cart
Bike rail
Good lighting
Non-slick surfaces
Seating will not be conducive to sleeping (or too much long term “relaxation”)
ADA compliant as possible
Police patrolled (foot or car) – good sight lines
Need lane connectors across streets – ie crosswalks, speed bumps (was agreed crosswalks might be the better bet)
Dog bag dispenser on post (perhaps with small trash receptacle attached
Create and erect a sign that has info about the Ridge Lane improvement project – to inform and generate interest
Next we identified the main themes and prioritized some of the individual elements
1.Highest Priority:
Steps and handrails (as described above)
Non-slick surfaces
2. Secondary Priority:
Sight lines and easy accessibility by police
3. Tertiary Priority:
Bike rails
Cart accessibility
Using plantings, good drainage and permeable surfaces
Natural organic flow with slight meander, with a focus on native flora and fauna and natural features already in place (see above)
Needing more info/research and/or input from other sources:
Water, including cachement
Trash (and its collection)
ADA considerations
Cross walks and/or speed bumps
PARCEL 1 (Josiah to Margaret)
Elements we’d like to see:
Meandering path allowing straight through passage as well
Some seating
Senior friendly
Solar lighting – combination of motion sensitive and continuous lighting
Consider trees for this stretch
Permeable concrete that can be stained and textured as path material
Use of gabion (wire structure that is filled with rocks, stones on site) for seating.  These can also be used for retaining walls, although not needed in this section.
Indication of where path ends, street starts (as mentioned above and shown in Nahal’s design)
Consider an archway at entrance (on Josiah?)
Barriers to prevent vehicle access (would have to check if this would present a fire safety issue – Ridge Lane might be considered a Fire Lane)
Overall, people liked Nahal’s design for this stretch
There was some discussion about how far we should go in determining elements we want for Parcel 4 (Caine to San Miguel) before meeting with Mohammed.  It was decided that there were too many issues about which we needed more info before we could get too specific, such as encroachments (the fence, parking on San Miguel that infringe on access to entrance of the Lane, parking/driveway at the top of Caine), the water pipes, etc), but that we could think about what design elements we like (drawing from agreed upon criteria and student designs).
Communications:  Warren brought up the need for someone to be in charge of communications – with the neighborhood and generally to get the word out and kept current about who we are and what we are doing.  We also touched upon the need to canvas the neighborhood – those who would be likely to use Ridge Lane.  Informational flyers and/or door to door canvassing to get people involved….also we should form a comprehensive e-mail list.
This requires further conversation at a future meeting.
Safety:  Activity (drug?) has been popping up on Lakeview again.  How to proceed?  Involvement with OMI?  Good organizing issue (as it was in the past)?
Next Monthly Meeting:  Thursday, Feb, 12 at Ingleside Library, 7pm
Schedule next neighborhood clean-up
Propose possible dates to meet with Mohammed
Discuss general ideas for Parcel 4
Any other design elements for Parcel 1 people would like to add
Discuss communications – who, what, how, when
I hope this accurately represents this very productive meeting.  Let us know if there are corrections or additions.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Minutes from 1/31/15

  1. Hi All:

    I’ve **tentatively** scheduled the meeting with Mohammed and Carla Short for Wednesday, Feb 18th at 7am, meeting location is Josiah and Ridge. I am just waiting for confirmation, will let you know asap.

    Thank you,


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