Special RLN Meeting: Thur Jan 15th, 7pm


Come and review the designs that AAU students have created as inspiration for Ridge Lane improvements!

Date: Thursday January 15th
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: San Francisco Public Library
Address: 1298 Ocean Avenue (at Plymouth), SF, CA 94112

***notes added Feb 2***

In Attendance: Robert M.; Moneka; Warren; Lynn; Patricia; Robert R.; Gen; Mary Beth; John and Debbie Cornejo; Barbara and Sandra from DPW; Julia from Parks Alliance and Heather from AAU

AAU Design Plans
Copies of the students’ design plans were available for all to look through, although it was a bit unclear how to decipher them for some of us who hadn’t been involved in the process at all.  Heather offered to go over one of the plans and discovered that particular one (Nahal’s) was incomplete – it was missing the pages that showed the actual designs.  She had the original, so was able to do a presentation for the group with the full material. 

Patricia has supplied a link to see all of all the designs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sn1seubmsas7yl6/AAC76-uKVHsyNdbfoabsry9wa?dl=

Hopefully, there will also be at least one printed copy for us to look at at our next meeting, from Sandra or someone from AAU?

Although the plans may cover the whole stretch, the students produced more detailed designs for Parcel 1 (Josiah to Margaret) and Parcel 4 (Caine to San Miguel), so that is what we should concentrate on as well.

It was determined that we need more time to look over the plans and then meet to discuss what we would like to see. We will meet on Saturday, January 31 from 10am- 12noon.

It was agreed that we would like to have an overarching cohesion to the design for all the lane segments, even though each stretch may have different elements.  We do not have to go with all of any one student’s design, but can choose different features, keeping in mind the overall sense of a cohesive design.
Here are some things to consider when looking over the designs….
Do we want:
Trees or no trees?
Tall plants/bushes or mostly low lying plants – this would have to do with sight lines as well as landscaping design, maintenance, etc.
Planter boxes or not?
Straight or meandering paths?
Benches -designed for sitting but not getting too comfortable (ie sleeping)
Should there be a feature that would make it easier to get bicycles and/or carts up the path?  What would that be?
Lighting – tall, low to the ground, how much, what type fits into the overall design?
General look/feeling – it seems that we have indicated we prefer a natural look with native plants that can attract wildlife.  How do the design features fit with that?
Sandra told us not to feel as though we need to rush to a decision.  Some groups take a year to finalize what they want…..we may not have consensus by the end of our next discussion meeting.  And, there will likely be many revisions to what we come up with. Our tentative schedule from last month needs to be extended.
Encroachment Issues
Sandra and Tony Botts of the Street Use and Mapping Dept. of DPW, along with Robert and Moneka walked the Lane to look at the encroachment points according to the survey.  These will need to be checked further with the Assessor/Recorder’s Office to determine if what looks like an encroachment might have been purchased by the property owner, and thus, is no longer public property.  Sandra and Tony will look into this.
It was thought that it might not be a good idea to challenge each encroachment, but rather see if we can work around them, keeping in mind that ADA regulations require a width of 48”, and how easy a work around would be.
Temporary Fix Caine-San Miguel Stretch
Robert, Moneka and Lynn did pick up sand bags and placed the at the bottom of the hill. Thank you!

Look over the plans, mark them up, take notes on what you like and don’t like, what you think would work best, and come to the meeting prepared to discuss.

The meeting is this Saturday, January 31st from 10am to 12noon at Patricia’s house, 24 Josiah.
Respectfully submitted,

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