Meeting Thur Jan 8th @ 7pm

Date: Thursday January 8th
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: San Francisco Public Library
Address: 1298 Ocean Avenue (at Plymouth), Sf, CA 94112
Notes added 1/14/15
In Attendance: Robert M.; Moneka; Warren; Lynn; Patricia; Robert R. Barbara and Sandra from DPW
AAU Design Plans
Members who were able to attend last month’s event(s) with the AAU students were pleased with the 5 plans presented, but we have not yet received copies of the plans either in hard copy or electronic formats.  Patricia will look into getting these for us. (Done – see below)
There was discussion on how we should proceed once we have the plans in hand.
It was determined that:
1.  The RLN Steering Committee (plus a few other steady attendees) will meet first to look over and work out which plans (or elements of plans) we think would be best.
2.  We will meet with Mohammed from DPW regarding the cost and feasibility of what we have chosen.
3.  We will present the best two (or three) plans to our community.  There will be flyers posted announcing that community input is needed throughout the neighborhood.  There will be a meeting at which people can express their views and an opportunity to vote during a review process period.  Perhaps the Ingleside Library can be the site for this.
It was determined that implementation will start with the uppermost Howth-Margaret stretch, since that is the easiest section to work on, especially as there are no encroachment issues there.  Having this section done will increase visibility for the project, both in the neighborhood and for fund raising endeavors.
Schedule of meetings:
1. January 15th to look over the plans.  After this meeting, Patricia did get the plans from AAU and the room at Ingleside Library, so we will be meeting there at 7pm
2. Week of January 26-30 to meet with Mohammed.  Sandra will check on his availability and where we will meet – it might be easier for him to meet at City Hall.
3. If all goes in a timely manner, we might be able to have community input at our regular meeting in February.  There would need to be sufficient time to get word out to the community.  We might want to spread the opportunity for discussion and input over at least 2 meetings.  (Editorial comment: It might be best to give as much opportunity for community input before we begin, than face a slew of objections afterwards from people who say they never had an opportunity to weigh in).
Temporary Fix Caine-San Miguel Stretch
Since the heavy rains in December made this path even more treacherous, Lynn has been looking into getting sand bags to shore up the bottom.  Sandra informed us that any City resident can pick up 10 free sand bags in the Bayview.  Lynn, Robert M. and Moneka will go on Saturday (Jan. 10) to get 20 bags.  (Done?)
Lynn is also interested in installing solar lighting along Ridge.  It was determined that we should start with one section only to begin with (Caine-San Miguel).  Lynn will research cost, design choices, how many we would need, how they would work and maintenance issues and report back to the group.
Encroachment Issues
This is a problem at several points. most especially at San Miguel. Sandra will see what she can find out about the carved out parking area at the top of San Miguel.
It was suggested we look over the survey results to see just where the encroachments are, how much they would affect our plans, and which battles we might want to fight.
Sandra said that in her experience, if a homeowner has been using public property, especially for a long period of time, taking it back is not always successful.
She also said she could come out with an inspector to walk the Lane and assess the encroachment situation.  She will send out a e-mail as to when this will happen, so any of us who are interested and available can join them.
AAU Recognition
Are we obligated to give any money to AAU, as suggested by them at one time?  Sandra told as that we are NOT.  That request had not been mentioned in negotiations with DPW, and is not valid.  We might want to write up some form of recognition for the students and teacher.  to be determined.
Thanks to all who are taking action.  Action items are in red.
Respectfully submitted,

One thought on “Meeting Thur Jan 8th @ 7pm

  1. Hello and Happy New Year!

    Please keep us posted on the latest developments. I am currently out of town or would have loved to attend this evening’s meeting.

    All the best, Heather ________________________________________


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