Meeting Thur Sep 11 @ Ingleside Branch SF Library


Monthly meeting tomorrow!

Thursday, September 11 2014, 7-8:30pm

SF Public Library, Ingleside Branch on Ocean Avenue (@Plymouth)

Community Room

Minutes added to post 9/12/14:

Present at the meeting: from the neighborhood: Warren, Robert, Lin, Moneka, and Barbara from partner organizations:  Sandra Zuniga from DPW; Julia Brashares form SFPA and Mary Muszynsky from AAU


Sandra said that she will be working with the AAU class in which our design will be their project for the term, which ends in mid-December.

DPW holds our money from Sup. Avalos.  Sandra will be looking into whether they can transfer that money to SFPA and whether the money could be spent without going through all City restrictions if it stayed with DPW.  If it can be transferred to Parks Alliance,, we would be able to spend it more freely, but it would be subject to the 9% fee, however, if we had to go through all the City rigamarole, this would be time consuming and possibly costly.

Sandra suggested that we might want to use some of our money to start the process of getting a water meter installed with the PUC. Apparently this can be a long process.  It was suggested that we have someone come out, to assess our water needs (is one source enough?)and logistics (where should the water source go?), such as the fellow from Urban Farmer.  It might also be a good idea to explore the option of getting a PUC Grant for the water meter, as they offer these each year.  If we want to do this, we should start the process soon.

It was also suggested we consider getting some kind of solar lighting, although this could only be done once we have transferred the money to SFPA, or learned that the funds from Sup. Avalos can be spent without going through City channels.


Julia briefly went over the paperwork that accompanies becoming a SFPA partner.  She has sent this electronically to everyone in this group, so please look them over.  We will need to get names and signatures on the form of those authorized to sign check request forms. She suggested it would be good if all 9 of us in the core group did this.

Sandra and Julia will be attending all our regular monthly meetings.


Mary introduced herself to the group.  She is teaching the class in Site Design that is working on our project.  They meet once a week, on Fridays. The class consists of 6 international graduate students who have undergraduate degrees in various disciplines.  It will be the first time they will be doing something in Landscape Architecture.  In fact, the Landscape Architecture program is quite new at AAU, and is in the process of getting accreditation.

NOTE: Mary and the students will be doing a site visit tomorrow, form 12:30 to 2:15, so if you are around then, come out to meet them and say hello.  They will be starting at the Howth/Josiah end.

The class will put together a Master Plan for all 5 blocks, and more detailed site plans for two of the blocks.  We requested that those blocks be Josiah to Margaret and Caine to San Miguel.  That way we will have a more detailed plan for one of the easiest blocks, which we might be able to work on ourselves, and for the most challenging block. None of the designs will be “shovel ready”.  They would still need more specifics, especially where something needs to be built (like a staircase), but they will give us a basic design plan to work from.

The students will produce several designs which we can see and choose what we like the best among them.  We can choose aspects from different designs to make up our ideal plan, which will then be finalized.  Designs can be sent to us electronically. We can all look over the plans and discuss them, but Mary would like one point person with whom she communicates, and from whom she gets the group’s consensus opinion.  Warren will take that on for now, and we will determine who the Point Person will be at our upcoming planning meeting.

The phase for the Master Plan should be completed before Thanksgiving, after which time, they will work on the more detailed site plans.

The students will not be designing with any budget amount in mind (they don’t know how to do this yet), but Sandra will see if she can get someone to give us some idea of what the different plans they come up with would cost, as this would no doubt be one of our considerations when choosing a design.

Mary asked for some additional information, such as designs and costs for a similar project.  Sandra will send that.  She also asked for ideas from us as to what we would really like to see and experience.  Warren will ask for feedback on this and send the responses to Mary.


Since it appears that it will be awhile until something is built in the Caine-San Miguel block, and since PG & E has not done anything to restore what they did to make the route even more treacherous, Mary was asked if she might be able to offer an idea for a temporary quick fix at the bottom of that stretch.  It’s unclear whether she will be able to do that, so we may have to come up with something ourselves (cinder blocks?).

Since trying to get a Saturday morning date seemed to be difficult, we decided to try a weekday evening instead for our planning meeting.  Monday, September 22 was proposed, as all those present could make it that date.  The meeting would start at 7pm, and Moneka kindly offered her (and Robert’s house).  Those who were not at the meeting should let the group know asap if that date will work for them. Please respond by Tuesday, Sept. 16 at the latest.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara

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