Thanks to all who joined last month’s clean up day!

Thanks to all neighbors who joined the clean up day in September. Not only was it a productive day of weeding, cleaning and sprucing up the lane, but a wonderful day of catching up with neighbors.

If you’d like to continue volunteering to maintain the sections between Josiah & Margaret and Caine & San Miguel, consider signing up to be a Parcel Steward for an upcoming month. For more information, and to learn about other ways to get involved, please email

2 thoughts on “Thanks to all who joined last month’s clean up day!

  1. It looks good. Sorry that I wasn’t in town to help.

    I’m wondering how we get the trash picked up? The cans are overflowing with bags of dog poo.

    Best, Lori



    1. Hi Lori, it’s nice to hear from you and thanks for posting! Volunteers from the group empty the trash bags to the street and place a 311 order for pickup. RLN is short handed on volunteers right now, and I’d be happy to drop off some trash bags and gloves to you if you’d like to join the effort! Feel free to email to coordinate.


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