Remote RLN meeting: Tuesday, October 5

Please join us for the next virtual meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors at 7p on Tuesday, October 5.

If you’d like to join, please email to receive the link to the virtual meeting.

Stay safe and healthy, neighbors!

1. Welcome
2. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
3. Closing

In attendance: Neighbors MaryBeth, Warren, Lynn, Barbara and Designers Nahal and Eric

Pickup of organic debris from September Clean-up
Despite numerous calls to 311, the green material (bags and larger limbs and branches) still has not been picked up on Caine.  Warren emailed Sarah at Parks Alliance about this.  She suggested contacting Eva Chang at DPW, since Eva is involved with Neighborhood Clean-Ups.  Warren will follow through on this, as well as finding out who our contact at DPW generally is now.

It’s finally done!  Nahal has sent the designs in for the donor plaques and Ridge Lane Sign.  When produced, they will be sent to Lynn who will then contact Patrick to have them installed.

Garbage cans
It had been noted that at least one of the trash cans on Parcel One has started to rust. There was some discussion about whether we should have cans at all or not, since they seem to attract a lot of household garbage. It was determined we should look into the possibility of having the City empty the can(s), as was once suggested as a possibility.  Nahal will contact SFPA to get more information about how to get this done and what the requirements might be.
Mary Beth said she has a dog waste station (that we had ordered) in her house, which she would like to install and maintain at the bottom of Parcel 4.

Nahal and Eric had discussed the possibility of having a mural painted on the side of 3 Caine Ave, which fronts Parcel 4 with John, the owner at the September Clean-up.  He seemed interested.  They have been in touch with the Academy of Art, who has a donor interesting in funding a butterfly mural adjacent to a butterfly garden space, and a muralist interested in painting it.  Nahal and Eric want assurance first that the owners of the house are serious about wanting the mural, and that Richard, the owner of the land just below the side of their house, would allow painters on his property to do it before they proceed.
Barbara said she would contact John and Mary Beth could contact Richard, if the house folks say yes.
UPDATE:  Barbara spoke with John,  and he is, indeed serious about the mural.  He would just like to see the design first.

Next meeting, Tuesday, November 2, on Zoom at 7pm

Respectfully submitted,

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