Remote RLN meeting: Tuesday, January 5

Hi neighbors and Happy New Year! Please join us for a remote meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors on Tuesday, January 5 at 7p.

If you’d like to join, please email to receive the link to the virtual meeting.

Stay safe and healthy!

1. Welcome
2. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
3. Closing

Minutes sent 1/22/2021:

In attendance:  Neighbors: Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Warren Longmire; Barbara VanderBorght; Kathleen Sasso; Kevin Godart and Ryan; Hazel; Danielle CallahanSFPA: Sarah Katz-Hyman, Southwest Area Manager
Welcome to new neighbors Kathleen, Kevin and Ryan.  They should be added to our Google grouped mailing list.
UPDATES PARCEL 4MOHCD Grant: Our plan to use the remaining funds on the Kiosk (including donor acknowledgements), garbage cans, dog waste stations, and more is currently at a standstill since it appears that we will not be able to install the garbage cans and waste stations ourselves, as planned, as per the person at DPW (Steven) who deals with MOHCD grant distribution.  Our response to this is twofold: there will be further investigation by SFPA as to the veracity of this determination. And, Robert will get a quote from Patrick who is slated to build the kiosk for doing these installations, as well.When this has been cleared up, we should be able to get approval for the budget Warren submitted, so we can get moving on finishing up Parcel 4 and using this grant funds.
Water:  We have word from Ramses Alvarez at DPW that they will take care of the water costs.
Garbage can placement:Warren showed us Nahal’s plans on where the garbage cans would be placed on Parcel 4.  We decided we would like to change the placement at the top of the Lane.  Mary Beth will contact Nahal about this.OTHER BUSINESSDriveway crossing the Lane:  it was noted that the folks at 1 Majestic have put up signs about not blocking the dirt “driveway” that goes into their backyard, but the driveway is actually on Ridge Lane (or at any rate crossing it.) It is unclear whether this is a temporary thing while the property is being worked on, or what they think.  Kathleen offered to chat with the workers to get more information.
Maintenance Schedule:There will be a regular rotating schedule to handle maintenance on Parcels 1 and 4.  One person will take a month at a time.We discussed the different focuses of the work on each parcel: Parcel 1 is focused primarily on emptying out the garbage cans and picking up any trash not in the cans.  Weeding and plant maintenance can be done at the discretion of the volunteer.  Parcel 4’s duties are primarily weeding and plant maintenance with the plan that if we keep up with this, it won’y become overwhelming and unsightly.  Picking up any trash found on the Lane is appreciated.Danielle will ask for sign-ups via email and send out reminders at the end of each month for the following month.
Instagram Account:  it is uncertain what to do about the Instagram account that Nahal created…who will maintain it? To be further discussed at our next meeting.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 7 at 7pm.  Online.
Respectfully submitted by Barbara

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