Next RLN meeting: Tuesday, February 4

Please join us next Tuesday, February 4 at 7p at the Ingleside Branch of the SFPL. We hope to see you there!

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

In attendance:  Neighbors: Warren Longmire; Scott Kauffman; Lynn Yuan; Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Barbara VanderBorghtLiaisons:  Susanna Fraker and Terence Wu from SFPA; Jonathan Goldberg and Sequoia from DPW
Apologies if I left anyone out, and for not including Sequoia’s last name, but I don’t have the sign in sheet, as Warren needed it to add names to our RLN mail group.
I have included updates on agenda items from this meeting as NOTES.

PARCEL 4 UPDATE form Mary Beth

  • The pad for the backflow device has been installed at the top of the Lane and the pipes have been buried in concrete.
  • The railings have been installed, except at the bottom, awaiting the build out of the ADA extension.  A concern was raised about the gaps in the railings at the level parts of the walkway since there is a substantial drop on either side to the current level of the ground.  This occurs in two segments.  The drop is about 2-3 feet in some cases.  How will this be addressed?  Will the landscaping bring the level of the soil up further?  Can some edging be put on the sides of the wooden walkway?  If the soil comes up to the level of the wood, is this detrimental to the wood lasting over time?  It was also mentioned that it looks odd to have the railings part and stop with gaps in between.
  • Another concern involved the length of the benches – it is possible to lie down on two of them.  Putting a small barrier in the middle has been suggested – if it is found that this is necessary.
  • The extension build out is waiting for a firm estimate from LMNOP to be sent to Jonathan.  This should be happening shortly.  There was a question about the manhole cover holding this up.Then the finance team (from CCG) can move the money to the right project.
  • Shane is now the LMNOP Project Manager for RLN.
  • Rock and Rose will do the landscaping once all the hardscape has been completed.  They have already done a weeding once over awhile ago.

It was determined that we should open Parcel 4 (ie remove the fence) as soon as the extension is completed, even if the bollards are not yet installed.  The bollards will have theft protection devices on them, and further protection involving a thin metal collar over the screws was suggested.  Jonathan will talk to LMNOP about this.
It was proposed that we schedule a Ridge Lane Clean Up day for Saturday, February 29 from 10-12, in conjunction with a soft opening of Parcel 4. Scott will coordinate the Clean Up preparation, including getting flyers made (design from Nahal) and printed (by DPW); ordering tools and bags, as well as a pick up of full bags from DPW.  He’ll consult with Patricia who has organized these in the past.

NOTE: Flyers have been made.  Announcements posted. We are going ahead with Clean Up, without opening 4. See below
NOTE:Parcel 4 will not be ready for a soft opening at the end of February.  Due to a variety of factors: 2-4 weeks for DPW approvals followed by funding; railing fabrication, which can’t begin until approvals done; 2 week minimum for installation. so we are now looking at April 24 for completion.  Fences can not come down until then due to liability issues.


Susanna thinks that the balance of MOHCD funds after  Parcel 4 is completed should be around $150,000.We need to use whatever money remains in the MOHCD grant by the end of 2020.NOTE: Susanna has reported subsequently that we will only have $50,600 left from this grant.  ???  The grant deadline can possibly be extended; a request to do so should be made in October

Add Backs:  Danielle sent a request for $40,000 to Ahsha’s office.  It has been very difficult (impossible?) of late to get in touch with anyone from his office, so we don’t know anything about the prospects of this request.  It was confirmed, however, that Friends of the Lakeview Summit Steps did get a request put in for $1.2 million ny Sup. Safai.  We would like to attend one of their meetings – how did they do this?NOTE: I’ve looked at their Facebook page (the only entry for them found on Google), but there is very little info there.


We should work on Parcel 2 next, since Parcel 3 development is dependent on what’s happening with the housing development on the lot adjacent to Parcel 3.
It was suggested that we at least make that section more walkable be widening and evening out the current rutted path, until we get funding to do the full job as designed by Nahal.  Would we need to put out an RFQ (Request for Qualifications)?Could we ask Rock and Rose or another landscaper to give us an idea as to costs and feasibility?Could Tyler act as our Project Manager?What would Nahal think of this?
NOTE: Susanna reports that Tyler would be happy to work with us on Parcel 2. This will facilitate the process.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 7pm at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise notified.
Respectfully submitted,barbara

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