Next RLN meeting: Tuesday, January 7

Happy 2020! Please join us next Tuesday, January 7 at 7p at the Ingleside Branch of the SFPL. We hope to see you there!

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

Minutes posted 2/5/2020:

In Attendance:  Neighbors: Mary Beth D’Alonso; Robert Muelhbauer; Warren Longmire; Lynn Yuan; Danielle Casey Callaghan; Barbara VanderBorghtSFPA: Susanna Fraker; DPW: Jonathan Goldberg

Note on Jonathan’s current role in relation to RLN involvement, during the interim with no official DPW liaison.  His title is Green Benefits and Community Programs Director, which includes managing Add Back Projects, but he also is working on Street Parks and Urban Harvesting, as well, and we’re glad he is. (


Railings needed to be changed due to the changes made to the staircase, which were necessitated by the unexpected live water pipe. This is moving ahead now.

  • Most recent issue concerns changes for an extended landing going onto San Miguel, which gave become required by the ADA inspector at DPW. Even though the previous design had been approved, the delays and other design changes made the whole project come under renewed scrutiny, and the parameters for ADA accesibility may have become more strict. LMNOP estimated that the cost to accommodate these changes, including raising a manhole cover, would be approximately $15,000. Lanita, from CCG indicated to Jonathan that she would have the funding, through SFPA handled grant money, to cover this increased cost.
  • They are waiting for the detailed formal drawings from Nahal to get approval from John Paul Scott, the ADA inspector.  He has already approved the informal drawings.  
  • Nahal stated she would send the preliminary drawings to Jonathan the next day for ADA review.
  • When the final drawings are ADA approved and Tyler (LMNOP) sends in an official estimate, Jonathan can approach Lanita for funding.
  • The railings and gabion benches are ready to be installed (except in the area of the extension).
  • The irrigation connection has been installed by the water department, ready to be hooked up to the irrigation system.

It would be nice to have an opening celebration around Valentine’s Day (Love Our City!)  Is this possible?


The Southwest Manager position has been filled, but that person, Terence Wu, won’t be starting until the end of February.  Can he come to our February meeting anyway?
Contacts:  recently emails have been sent by Claude, rather at the last minute, to only one or two people in our group – generally not the ones handling those matters.  This includes our financials, which should be going to Moneka. Susanna will see that he sends them to the right people.
Financial matters:  We have 2 accounts with SFPA: General and Grants. We would like to have better access to our ongoing financial  situation.  SFPA is working on a way partners can view their accounts online, but until this happens, we would at least like to have quarterly reports, and hopefully, get the balance amounts from our liaison on a monthly basis – at our meetings.


We should have a current RLN list…this will go out so all can make updates.  Danielle will be the administrator 

Robert hasn’t gotten any response vis a vis top of Caine lot development.  He will continue to try to contact the developer,Jerry.

Apparently the Friends of Summit Steps have been promised a very large ($1 mil) grant by our supervisor.  How did they do that?  Was noted that they have been active in organizing or collaborating with  fund raising events.Danielle will see about attending one of their meetings. 

Barbara mentioned that she knows someone from the Cayuga neighborhood who had been instrumental in organizing their community to be prepared for emergencies.  She’s willing to come speak to us, if people are interested.  Groups expressed interest.  barbara will ask her to come to our March meeting.

Next meeting to be held on February 4, 2020 at 7pm at the Ingleside Library Meeting Room, unless otherwise notified.
Respectfully submitted,Barbara VanderBorght 

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