RLN Meeting Tuesday night, August 7th, from 7 – 8:30pm @ SFPL

We will be holding our regular monthly meeting at the SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean, Tuesday night, August 7th, from 7 – 8:30pm.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!

***meeting notes added 8/16***

More utility pipes were discovered during excavation for the concrete stairs.  Our designers Eric and Nahal had to create new drawings for wooden stairs with a new configuration at the bottom.  These had to be reviewed by DPW structural engineers.  This became a rather complicated process, causing more delays, prompting LMNOP to put the project on hold. There was some work done in the meantime, then a stoppage, however, as of August 7, the work is back on track.
LMNOP has requested a change order for the change in the scope of work caused by the new wall design which was needed to deal with the pipes, etc.  This will amend the contract somewhat, and probably incur additional costs.
New “No Parking” signs will be needed.  Note:  This has been taken care of by Julia and Ian.
Possible grant sources already applied for:
  • Urban Greening Grant: could be up to $300,000.  Should know in November, 2018  (from the state)
  • ATP – Active Transportation Project:  Could be over 1 mil (just for us, or all together ?)  Won’t know until late 2018/early 2019  (from the state).
  • CAG – Community Action Grant – $5,000 grant already received .
  • District 11 Add Back Funds – the amount given to supervisors is not as great as in past.  Sup. Safai’s office has earmarked a good portion for certain projects, but not all the money has been awarded.  We need to write to him NOW asking for $40,000 needed to finish Parcel 4.  This is our only major source of funds which can be granted in time to finish up Parcel 4 without more costly delays and separation of the project.  Marissa will send out the email addresses and an appeal template.  Note: Marissa sent this out this past week. Please write to Sup. Safai!
Possible grant sources on the horizon
  • State Prop. 68 funds.  Does not seem like this would be available to us, but Scott will look into.
  • CCG -Community Challenge Grant. Application period opens Sept. 19, with 5 week window. They are changing focus of the grant from major construction projects requiring contractors  to beautification projects on a smaller community scale.  Maximum grant amounts lessened to $75,000.  Marissa will consult with Lanita to determine if we should apply for this for our landscaping.  Money for this cycle not available until early next year.
  • Complete Neighborhoods – through the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development.  Application period starts August 20 for 15 days, with an info session on August 22. Applies to certain defined development areas, which we seem to be on the border of, and may not actually be in – Marissa will check on this. Also need a signature of intent from a developer who already has been working on a residential project in the area. Money available end of this year – if we qualify to apply and can meet the requirements and short our around time.
Other possible funding sources:
  • Individual donors.   Money can be donated through our website, or by checks sent to SFPA.  We actually have a regular monthly donation from an individual already!  Remember some employers will match employee donations. We need a letter, with visuals of what the project will look like when finished to use in soliciting donations from neighbors and local businesses in person.
  • A donation notice should be posted on our Kiosk on Parcel 1, and the material up there should be refreshed. Marissa, Lynn and Robert M. will see to this.
  • Approaching developers of new projects in the neighborhood.  They have to funnel some money into the community anyway, why not to us?
Donor Recognition
  • Important to have, especially when donation is in honor or memory of someone dear to them.
  • How can we do this for individuals as well as bigger donors/grantors?
  • Need to have it be something that can be added to over time, rather than all at once, as would be necessary for concrete.  Perhaps small plaques on the risers of the wooden stairs, on the kiosk, on rocks or benches?  Ideas?
Fundraising Lead Person Needed
  • We need someone who can take the lead on fundraising efforts – both immediate and longterm – grants for the future parcels and money needed to finish the one under construction (presumably with longer term needs being seen to, this part won’t be as necessary).
  • This is different than overseeing the construction on an individual parcel.
  • Others would help in actual grant writing, solicitation, etc., but need someone to spearhead and keep track of efforts.
  • Is this you? Or someone you know not yet involved in Ridge Lane who has the skill set and interest in helping our community??
Community Event/Fund Raiser
Lynn offered to organize a potluck in the very near future, where we could gather people and also ask for donations.  We appreciated this idea/offer, and determined it would be better to have such an event when Parcel 4 is more complete, and open for passage.  A tentative date was set for Saturday, October 20.
Next meeting:  Tuesday, September 4 at 7pm, at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise announced.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara V.

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