Meeting at SF Public Library 7pm – Tuesday Night

Date: Tuesday Jan 10th, 7 – 8:30pm
location SFPL, Ocean @ Plymouth

Please join your Ridge Lane Neighbors for our regular monthly meeting!

Proposed Agenda:

  • Any CCG (Community Challenge Grant) Updates from folks working on our application?
  • CCG workshops – confirm dates, who will attend?
  • Discuss progress/action items on water meters for parcels 3 and 4
  • Discuss progress/action items on irrigation for parcel 1
  • Discuss progress/action items on parcel 1 kiosk
  • Strategize on tone in connecting with property owners with encroachments (“soft” vs “authoritative”)
  • Alternate construction scenarios for parcel 4 in the event of lower budget
  • Reaching out to & enlisting support from our new District 11 Supervisor: Asha Safai


***Meeting Notes added 1/31***

In attendance:  Neighbors: Scott Kauffman; Robert Muehlbauer; Moneka Urbanske; Lynn Yuen; Barbara VanderBorght

From SFDPW: Julia Brashares
Scott chaired the meeting, using the agenda items Warren had sent.
CCG AWARD  – no word as yet.  UPDATE: we received a grant for the full $100,000!
To be held on January 12 and February 16.  I think the February workshop is mandatory for those applying for a Spring Grant (which I don’t think we’ll be doing since we just got the Fall Grant)? Or is it mandatory for anyone with a CCG??
UPDATE: Robert M., Moneka and Scott attended the January workshop
Moneka and Robert plan on attending the February workshop. Anyone else is welcome to join them.
Patricia is in process for the water meter for Parcels 3 and 4
No word on when the irrigation system will go in on Parcel 1.  Waiting on Tom Brennan.
Sign/Kiosk at Parcel 4 not yet up.  Waiting on CatMex (and weather).
ENCROACHMENTS Parcel 4 Updates
Scott spoke to the tenant at 55 Ridge Lane in December.
Rick Seher, a private surveyor, contacted Julia on behalf of Robert Guererra, the owner of 55 Ridge, to find out just where the property lines were determined to be by the City survey we contracted for. Julia has asked the Bureau of Street Management (BSM) to come out to the site and mark the lines, according to their survey, but they have been unwilling to do so thus far.   Julia will go to Larry Stringer and Mohammed Nuru to get some action on this.
On a related topic, since we will be using our funds to pay for moving the encroaching fence, we will need to get an estimate on this (from CatMex, presumably), as this would be the first part of the work to be done, possibly starting in February.
It was felt we had already done this, so there was no discussion.  And now it is moot, since we received the full grant amount.
Scott spoke to Ahsha at the swearing in ceremony of our new District 11 Supervisor – we are definitely on his radar.
It was noted that we all need to record the time spent on RLN matters to submit as our volunteer in kind time for the grant(s).
The final report for the 2016 CCG (actually our money from Sup. Avalos) was submitted to Marissa by Robert and Moneka, but they have not heard anything about its status.
Robert M. saw a great “Acknowledgements” plaque at another street parks site.  He will send the wording.
Widening of the top of Caine Avenue/Ridge Lane.
The turnaround at the top of Caine Avenue is very narrow and problematic.  Lynn showed a video of a UPS truck getting stuck in the median recently  Another truck also got stuck there several days later.  Mohammed had acknowledged that something needs to be done when he did a site visit last year.  Barbara had been in touch with Jonathan Goldberg to try to find out what might be done, but nothing really came of it.
One partial solution is to take away part of the top of the median.  Another would be to widen the top of Caine in some way – perhaps by removing the sidewalk at the very top, since there will now be the pedestrian through walkway from Parcel 4 to Parcel 3 of Ridge Lane.  The residents on Caine will not be happy with a solution that involves making the whole top of Caine a red no parking zone, as this will take away even more parking spots in addition to the 2 being lost at the very top of the street. This is not good for community relations and buy-in.
Julia offered to ask someone she knows from MTA come out to take a look at the situation, since this person is good at coming up with creative solutions that work for all those involved.  Then we could get community backing and present this solution to the powers that be.
Next Meeting, Tuesday, February 7 at 7:30 at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise notified
Respectfully submitted,

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