Monthly Meeting Tuesday Dec 6th, 7pm @ SFPL


Please join us for our regular monthly meeting, Tuesday December 6th, 7-8:30pm, SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean.

Topics on the agenda include:

1) Status of CCG grant application

2) Kiosk and parcel 1 irrigation

3) Budget scenarios

4) What do we need to be ‘shovel ready’ – should increased funding happen?

5) Encroachments

6) Proposal to move January meeting to the 10th (instead of right after the holiday)

We hope to see you

***meeting notes added Jan 3***

Ridge Lane Neighbors Monthly Meeting Notes: December 6, 2016 7pm

Attendance: Patricia Ris, Warren Longmier, Lin Yuen Tran, Julia Brashares, Moneka Urbanski, Robert Muelhbauer, Scott Kauffman


Julia: CCG grant still undermined – We should plan to have some members attend mandatory workshops in Jan. 2017 though Park’s Alliance for the Spring round of CCG – TBD

Monika has been regularly attending OMI Community Collaborative meetings – RLN should reach out to other community organizations

Discussion of irrigation project for Parcel 1:

Patricia has paperwork for PUC grant for new water meters for Parcel ¾. Patricia agreed to follow through with application.

Tom at Urban Farmer has met with Suzanne from Catmex and scoped out Parcel 1 for irrigation project. Julia notes that it is important to get irrigation project going asap.

Robert discussed progress on getting information kiosk constructed on Parcel 1. The location has been determined and all the remains is for construction and installation of kiosk. Robert has laminates of information ready for posting.

Julia asks whether RLN has determined alternate construction scenarios depending on possible CCG grant amounts. Julia suggests we have different scenarios ready depending on how much, if any, CCG money is allocated.

Discussion of encroachment: Although 55 Ridge Lane is the main encroachment issue, it also exists at other locations. As a matter of fairness and consistency all the encroaching properties need to be abated. It is important to try to get neighbors buy-in for the project. RLN should budget to cover costs of abatement to homeowners. Bureau of Street Use and Mapping will be the point organization enforcing the abatement. The new kiosk will have plans posted to alert neighbors. RLN will reach out to owner of 55 Ridge Lane – Scott agreed to do this. Julia notes that additional notice of encroachment needs to be made for Parcels 2/3.

Discussion of election: How will sales tax failure impact availability of money for the project? RLN needs to reach out to Ahsha Safai – Scott and Levi will try to set up meeting regarding future add backs.

Next Meeting on January 10, 2017. Meeting adjouned at 8:30 pm.

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