Monthly Meeting tonight at SFPL 7pm


Please join us for our regular “1st Tuesday” meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors. Tonight’s meeting will be at the Ingleside branch of the SF Public Library, Ocean @ Plymouth, from 7 – 8:30 pm. See you there!


Proposed Agenda

1. Bonnie and Scott: Second CCG grant application (see Marissa’s note below)
2. Kiosk announcing parcel 4 plans to neighbors: Robert reports that Suzanne from CatMex says they can build the east end-kiosk the week after next.  Where shall it be installed, and have we confirmed the funding?
See attached PDF– I took pics and am proposing six options (A through F in attached).
3. Julia: update on parcel 4 property encroachments.
4. Patricia and Scott: water meter update and confirm funding.
5. Bonnie (for Marissa): status on request for centralized doc showing financial status (grants, what’s left, what has to be spent by when, etc.).
6. Neighborhood cleanup on Nov 12 — who wants to take the lead organizing this?
*Minutes added 11/8/16*
In Attendance
Neighbors: Patricia Ris; Warren Longmire; Robert Rodriguez; Moneka Urbanske; Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Lynn Yuen; Scott Kauffman; Barbara VanderBorght
SFPA: Marissa Alexander; SFDPW: Julia Brashares; Design Team: Nahal Sohbati and Eric Arneson

Irrigation Parcel 1
Tom Brennan from The Urban Farmer Store gave a presentation on the system we will be installing. Tom will need a day for installation of his part, and we should figure on a day for ours, which will follow what he does. He will need to talk or meet with Suzanne of CatMex to determine what they put in already. Patricia will coordinate that.
Our work day will be Saturday, November 19. Tom will help oversee what we do. His team will have done their installation on a weekday sometime before the 19th.

Grants/Budget Considerations
Since the $90,000 we have from Sup. Avalos needs to go through the auspices of the Community Challenge Grant office, we need to write up an application form for this money, especially in the area of a work plan for how we are going to spend the money. We decided to wait on this until after the determination of the CCG will be made in mid December.

Marissa advised that we also draw up a less formal plan with scenarios on what we would do with the money we have, as well as any money we get from our current CCG application review process. Eg: what could we build if we only had the $90,000 (which is actually $81,900 after the SFPA percentage is taken out); what about $140,000, if we got less than the $100,000 we applied for; the full $181,900, if we got all $100,000, etc. Working with the CatMex estimate and info from Eric and Nahal, we will work to put this together via email and have a document by the end of November. Marissa said this will be helpful in any back and forth that might come through Lanita from the CCG granting panel – we will be able to tell them that we are ready to move with varying amounts of funding.

Scott suggested we consider spending the $90,000 and whatever we get from the CCG on Parcel 2 or 3, since 4 was the most difficult and costly. However, Nahal and Eric informed us that Parcels 2 and 3 will actually be more expensive as they are longer and also involve stairs, etc. Others voiced support for doing Parcel 4 next, as planned and a vote confirmed our commitment to Parcel 4 next.

However, apparently there had been a question from Lanita (or the CCG panel) as to why we are jumping from Parcel 1 to Parcel 4. Barbara offered to send reasons to Marissa by Thursday, Nov. 3 (DONE)

Kiosk for Parcel 4
Warren passed around photos with possible placement locations for the sign board (or kiosk) on which we will post our plans for the development of Parcel 4, so the neighbors will know what is going on. It was determined it should go at the top of the segment on Caine.
Julia was unaware of this and said we need to send a letter to DPW since this is City land (even if it’s unaccepted), and they need to have notification and approval rights. The letter should state the size of the sign board, how it will be secured, and where exactly it will be located. I think Scott was going to do this, please advise if this is not correct. It should be done asap.

Budget Records
We asked if we could get a visual graph sort of document from SFPA which would make it easier to keep track of what monies are being spent out of which budget source and by what time does each source need to be spent.
Marissa said she could arrange this.

Julia reported that this issues has been getting tossed back and forth between her and the Bureau of Street use Mapping (BSM), who are the ones who did our survey, but don’t seem to want to be responsible for or their own findings. They seem to have agreed to send out a Notice To Repair (NTR) to both homeowners who have encroachments on Parcel 4. We decided to have them take the Soft Approach first, which involves indicating a willingness to work with them to reach a satisfactory to both parties arrangement. It was felt that this has already been done with one neighbor, but the letter will still have to go out to both parties. The homeowners will have 30 days to contact Julia about addressing the NTR. Scott and Robert R. offered to be the RLN ‘ambassadors’ with the 2nd homeowner. If there is no progress with the Soft Approach, then we can go to the Hard Approach which means that if they do not comply, the city will take down the encroaching structures and send them the bill.

Neighborhood Cleanup on Saturday, November 12, 10am – 12noon
Marissa has arranged for supplies and a crew which will arrive at 9am at Louisberg and Ridge, which is where neighborhood volunteers should meet as well. There will be 3 areas for focus: Ridge Lane; Majestic Summit and Lee Summit. Eric and Nahal designed a flyer; Julia will make copies; Scott will pick them up from her on Friday, Nov. 4 and door to door flyering will be done on Sunday, Nov. 6. we will hear from Scott when he has the flyers, and when a good time to pick them up will be. Notification should also be posted on our website, FB page and go out to our widest email list… Eric can you do this?
One RLN member should be available at each section of the Lane to direct crew members on which plants should be trimmed or pulled out, so we don’t lose plants we want to keep.

Since the meeting ran late, we did not set a meeting date for December, but it is assumed it will be Tuesday, December 6 at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise notified.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara V.

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