RLN Meeting Thursday Dec 10th 7pm at SF Public Library


Please join us!
Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting
Date: Thursday December 10 2015
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: SFPL Ocean Avenue Branch, Community Room
1/ Welcome
2/ Approval minutes 1/12/15 by Barbara Vanderborght – Thank you!
3/ Updates on bids for Parcel 1: any new bites?
4/ Update meeting with potential contractor Geoffrey Coffey, Julia Brashares and Patricia Ris on 12/4/15
5/ Establishing a timeline for our neighborhood flyer with the specifics of our plans. Suggestion is to
create this once we have made a decision about a contractor (and will have more specifics to share).
6/ Updates from YOU
7/ Next meeting: 1/14/15, location tbd
8/ Farewells
****Minutes added 1/14/16****
In Attendance: Patricia Ris; MaryBeth d’Alonzo; Lynn Yuen; Adele Brookman; Barbara VanderBorght
November minutes were accepted
Lynn proposed buying a number of solar lighting fixtures for the Ridge section between Caine and San Miguel.  Questions to be considered include: cost, type of lighting (size, etc);, whether they could be easily stolen, how many; whether we could use City money for this and who we would have to purchase them from?   We would need to consider these factors and put to a vote for group approval before any action could be taken.
RFP Progress
Patricia met on site with contractor Geoffrey Coffey from Madrono, who put in a bid for our project. During the site visit, he noted some things we had not previously considered:  there was a gate in the chain link fence section; there is a lot of ivy growing in the lane and a neighboring yard, and what do we want to do with any boulder type rocks that are in the proposed concrete pathway.  As owner of a native plant nursery, Patricia felt he would have a good handle on what would be good to plant there and for what we want to accomplish overall.
Note: since then, a couple of other bids have come in.  Julia has been sending their proposals via e-mail.
Irrigation Plan
No progress to report here.  There still has been no response from Urban Farmer, nor word from Julia from John S.  It was suggested that we may need to go to Urban Farmer with our plan drawings and talk with him there, rather than waiting for him to get out here.
Once again, it was noted that we need to survey our neighbors to discover talents, funding sources, supporters, etc.
Next meeting:  Thursday, January 14, 2016 at the Ingleside Library.
Respectfully submitted (a little belatedly),
Barbara V.

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