RLN Meeting Thursday November 12th at 7pm (Different Location)


Please join us this coming Thursday evening from 7 to 8:30 pm for our regular monthly meeting.

This month, the library is not available, but the Kauffmans have kindly volunteered to host at 347 Howth St. 

We’ll review the Request For Proposal (RFP) on construction and lots of other fun stuff!

**Meeting Notes Added 12/9/15**

In attendance: Neighbors Scott Kauffman, Warren Longmire; Patricia Ris; Robert Muehlbauer; Moneka Urbanske; Lynn Yuan; Mary Beth d’Alonzo and Barbara VanderBorght

Julia Brashares (SFPA) and Heather Clendenin (AAU)
Thanks to Scott for offering his house as our meeting site.
Minutes from the October meeting were discussed briefly and approved.
Encroachment Notifications
 How will this process be started by the City?  Patricia will contact DPW’s Carla Short and/or Sandra Zuniga.  Note: Muhammed spoke about this at the Ridge Lane visit earlier this year.
We need basic drawings showing our irrigation plans for the PUC Grant. It’s unclear how detailed they need to be.  We asked Nahal if she could do them.  There is still some money left in the amount allotted for her design drawings.  However, Heather cautioned that this was not part of the original MOU, and that Nahal might not be experienced in doing these type of drawings.
Tom Bressan of Urban Farmer would be a good choice, but he does not seem to be very available, as Patricia has been trying to get him out here for quite some time. Should we try someone else?  Maybe from Garden for the Environment or CCSF Landscape Architecture program?  Julia suggested John Stokes, co-founder of Urban Farmer, and said she would ask him.
Contractor RFP Package
Julia and Robert M. presented what they have been working on.  There was discussion about any changes in wording that should be made, as well as how to best make all supporting documents accessible online for those who want to put in a bid.   We wanted links to the survey, the plant list and large scale design drawings.  Julia plans to send out to the SFPA Resource list and anyone else we suggest, keeping in mind that they have to meet all of the requirements imposed by the City.  We would like the proposals to be broken down and costed out so we can take out items if we can’t afford them.
It was noted that Friends of the Urban Forest will plant trees for $135 each, and that we can purchase some ready made things ourselves, such as trash receptacles.
There was also some discussion about fencing along that section – do we want to offer to replace backyard fencing along the whole stretch, or just the section where there is a chain link fence (approximately 70’)
ADDENDUM: the review and editing process of the RFP was conducted and Julia sent out the requests for bids before the end of November.
Next Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 10 at 7pm in the Ingleside Branch Library meeting room.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara VanderBorght

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