Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting Thursday July 9th, 7-8pm


You are welcomed to attend this month’s meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors!

Location: Intersection of Josiah, Howth, & Ridge Lane

Thursday July 9th, 7 – 8:30pm


MINUTES: Ridge Lane neighbors Monthly Meeting

July 9, 2015

In attendance:

Scott Kaufman and son, Levi

Julia Brashares, SF Parks Alliance (SF Parks)

Lin Yeun

Rob Elliot

Heather Clendenin, Director of the School of Landscape Architecture, Academy of Arts University (AAU)

Robert Muehlbauer

Rodney Hampton, Public Information Officer, Department of Public Works (DPW)

Moneka Urbanske

Patricia Ris

Mary Beth D’Alonzo (scribe)

  1. June Minutes were approved

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) related to the first phase of our project was discussed

RLN, SF Parks, AAU are signatories

The MOU describes the terms of Nahal’s design work spelling out the responsibilities of all parties.

Heather drafted the MOU and RLNs provided review and comment. Heather said that the current version (PDF attached) reflects our edits. Julia has reviewed but would like a day or two to fully review and will respond to Heather.

SF Parks has a contract template to use for Nahal’s work. Julia will provide this to Heather.

Next steps: Julia will send a redline of the MOU and the SF Parks contract to Heather.

Heather will create the final MOU to be agreed upon by Julia and the RLD Steering Committee.

  1. Budget and Timeline of the first phase of our project was discussed.

Staff with the Community Challenge Grant (CCG) requested a budget and timeline in order to approve the transfer of our funds from DPW to SF Parks.

Robert, Julia, and Patricia created a budget document that includes a timeline. Heather reviewed and provided some revisions. Patricia accepted Heather’s edits and will send to Sandra (current version attached).

SF Parks sent the budget to CCG and will need to rend the revision. Julia does not anticipate any problems with the timing of moving the money in terms of the end of FY15. We are supposed to spend down the funds by June 30, 2016.

Note: The Ribbon Cutting is now set for April 16, 2016.

  1. News

DPW – Rodney had no news to report but expressed interest in requests for enforcement of neighborhood cleanliness issues. He took note of the Lakeview house we have discussed a number of times (and walked with Patricia to see the house after our meeting).

We discussed suggestions for ways we could effect change:

  1. Create a standing task force to bring other departments into the conversation.
  2. Contact Caltrans which is responsible for the chain link fences along Hwy 280 and the land along the highway.
  3. SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) could be invited to our meetings.
  4. The installation of lights and cameras has helped in some neighborhoods.
  5. Request resumption of weekly street sweeping – write a short narrative explaining the need and include photos.
  6. Compile a list of addresses, description of problems, photos, etc. of problem areas and send to him at Rodney.hampton@sfdpw.org.
  7. Email him directly with individual requests.
  8. A neighborhood inspection walk with Rodney is scheduled for Saturday July 18 at 9 AM. Meet at Moneka and Robert’s house at 57 Majestic. Come prepared to show-off your favorite hotspots.

Note: Property owners/occupants can face up to $1,000 in fines if they fail to maintain sidewalks fronting or abutting their property. See attached DPW Sidewalk Cleanliness Standards flyer provided by Rodney.

Moneka mentioned that Supervisor Avalos (in another meeting) directed residents to forms available to online to request traffic calming devises.

SF Parks – Julia will be able to provide a status update by mid next week (ie around July 15) on the transfer of our funds from DPW to SF Parks and when they will be available to be spent.

She will finalize the MOU and standard contract (see agenda item 2 for full discussion).

Announcement: SF Parks is co-presenting a workshop where parks groups can network.

Saturday July 11 from 9:30 to 2.

Lanita Henriquez from CCG will be in attendance. This would be a good opportunity to meet her and become familiar with CCG and its requirements for funding projects like ours. The workshop will include a tour of street parks including the Jungle Stairs in Noe Valley and Surrey Stairs off Penny Lane in Glen Park. A Bay Natives representative will speak on appropriate plants for various areas.

Patricia will attend the workshop. Please RSVP to Julia’s email if you will attend.

Note: the SF Parks Manual is now available on their Street Parks page online.

Patricia – A request has been submitted to SF Public Utilities Department for a water meter grant ($10,000) and a backflow meter ($1,275). Only one meter grant is available per project.

  1. Our August Meeting is scheduled for the second Thursday from 7 to 8:30PM at the southern end of Ridge Lane. At this meeting, we expect to know when to we will receive Nahal’s drawings. This will allow us to plan our next neighborhood clean-up date (expect September) and to start work on the RLN flyer.

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