Meeting at Ingleside Library Thursday, June 11, 7-8:30pm


You’re invited to the Ridge Lane Neighbors monthly meeting, Thursday June 11th, 7-8:30pm at the Public Library on Ocean Avenue at Plymouth.

We’ll have Jill Cannon, Deputy City Attorney. as our guest. She can answer your questions about a number of issues, particularly code violations, including:

– Pedestrian safety and traffic calming
– Drug dealing on Lakeview Avenue
– Encroachment issues on Ridge Lane
– Dumping/Cleanliness, SF Recology service schedule
– Garage conversions without permits
– Single family home conversions without permits
– Sidewalk parking and parking congestion (due to illegal residential conversions and overcrowding)
– Fire hydrants without red zones (Howth/Josiah)


Attending:  Neighbors: Warren Longmire; Dana Elliott (by proxy); Patricia Ris; Eric Maier: Hazel Madawaki: Annette Etcheverry: Bob and Mary Gavin; MaryBeth D’Alonzo; Barbara VanderBorght

Jill Cannon ,City Attorney’s Office; Sandra Zuniga, DPW; Heather Clendenin and Nahal Sohbati, AAU

Patricia made the agenda and chaired the meeting


San Francisco Symphony’s All SF Concert for community organizations will be held this year on Thursday, August 20. It will feature piano virtuoso Yuja Wang, along with the symphony orchestra. Tickets are $10 each.  Barbara has sent in a request for 10 tickets. If you are interested in going, please contact her at  First come, first served until they are gone.  Final word might not go out until late July.

Deputy City Attorney Jill Cannon

Jill outlined what her Resident and Neighborhood Safety Division (aka Code Enforcement) of the City Attorney’s Office handles.  Primarily they work on property based public nuisances, often in conjunction with other city departments.  They can issue orders of abatement, seek injunctions and file lawsuits.

Our primary concern is the abandoned, rather blighted property at 1 Majestic, which poses health (leaking of toxic fluids)  and safety (criminal activity) problems and has become a dumping ground as well as being a neighborhood eyesore.

There have been actions taken by the city, to which there has been little or no response from the owner. There are currently 5 outstanding citations from the Department of Building Inspection (DBI).

There will  be a Director’s Hearing at DBI to determine whether they will issue an Order of Abatement.  If they do, the owner will have 20 – 30 days to address the problems.  If the owner does not do this, the DBI can refer to the City Attorney’s Office.

We can find out about how the process is progressing by calling Jill at 415 554 3820 or calling the City Attorney’s  HOTLINE 415 554 3977.  This is also where such property complaints can be made.

Questions were also raised about 77 Caine and 201 Lakeview.

77 Caine:  Although the dilapidated vacant house was torn down, there has been no further activity and the lot has become a dumping ground and trash site. Apparently, the City Attorney’s Office had gotten involved in this, the property was sold to another owner, who has building plans for two house on the lot.  It is unknown what the building delay is, but the owner is responsible for keeping the lot clean.  Reports of dumping and trash should go to Rodney Hampton at DPW.

201 Lakeview: Drug dealing and other criminal activity are known to be based here.  Observation of any criminal activity should be called into the police.  If the police find evidence, and it is clear that drugs are being made, stored or dealt there, then the City Attorney’s Office can be called in to sue the owner under Drug Abatement Act.

Encroachment issues are not addressed by the City Attorney’s Office, but with Carla Short from DPW.

Generally, complaints about dumping should be made by calling 311.

AAU – Heather and Nahal

Heather has drawn up an MOU to outline how Phase II of the design plan for Parcel 1 will progress.  Phase II covers the work Nahal will do to execute the design development drawings based on the decisions made by the Steering Committee in March.  Some revisions were made to the draft document to fill in missing info and clarify that Nahal’s fees should not exceed $1000 (at a rate of $25 per hour). Heather will send the revised MOU to Eric.  He will send it out to the Steering Committee, who will send comments and vote on approval by Monday, June 15 (providing the MOU goes out tomorrow).  Lack of response will be considered approval.  The drawing of the designs should be completed in 2 weeks.

Funds Transfer

Aspects of the MOU will be essential to completing the paperwork necessary to have our money transferred from DPW to Parks Alliance. Patricia and Julia will be working on this on Monday, June 22 at 9am at the SFPA offices.  Those who can also attend then are encouraged to do so.

Publicity/Outreach/Information Flyer

Once we receive Nahal’s drawings, MaryBeth can use them to have her source begin work.

Agenda items on Committees, Mission Statement and Outreach will be moved to the agenda for the next meeting, which will be July 9.

I hope I got all the information straight.  If corrections or clarifications are needed, please make them.

Respectfully submitted,


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