SAFE Report on Ridge Lane

On Dec 12, 2013 Furlishous Wyatt, Jr. from SF SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone) led members of RLN on a walk down Ridge Lane to do a safety survey. Attached is his report which includes many observations & recommendations about how we can make our neighborhood safer. Click here for PDF Document: CPTED Ridge Lane PedestrianContinue reading “SAFE Report on Ridge Lane”

Survey Cost Estimate

This document breaks down the cost for surveying Ridge Lane section by section. We’ll discuss it at the December 12th meeting. Fee for San Jose Ave. to Caine Ave. $13,000 Fee for Caine Ave. to Tara St./Majestic St. $11,000 Fee for Tara St./Majestic to Louisburg St./Margaret Ave. $11,500 Fee for Louisburg St./Margaret Ave. to HowthContinue reading “Survey Cost Estimate”

SFCTA Studying Freeway Ramp Removals at Geneva and Ocean

The SF County Transportation Authority is considering options to remove some of the “redundant” freeway ramps to reduce the number of points where pedestrians and cars mix, while also simplifying traffic patterns and making the pedestrian environment less hostile. The SFCTA plans to hold another community workshop in January and complete an implementation plan forContinue reading “SFCTA Studying Freeway Ramp Removals at Geneva and Ocean”