Remote RLN Meeting: Tuesday, April 4

Hi all,

If you joined us at Saturday’s Community Day: THANK YOU! It was lovely to meet you and enjoy the space together.

Please join us for a meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors at 7p on Tuesday, April 4. Here is the zoom link:

Meeting ID: 880 8927 9084
Passcode: RLN

1. Welcome
2. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
3. Closing

If you can’t participate in this meeting but are looking for other ways to get involved, please email to learn about other opportunities.

We need some volunteers to help maintain the sections between Josiah & Margaret and Caine & San Miguel, and are always looking for neighbors to join the effort to develop the remaining parcels (Margaret to Caine). Now’s the time to learn more about Ridge Lane Neighbors and get involved: we can’t wait to see you again!


In Attendance:  Robert, Moneka, Mary Beth, Lynn, Barbara, Savannah from SFPA and Maurice from OMI Cultural Participation Project

April 1st Community Event

Everyone thought the event was a success. We estimate the attendance to be around 50-60 people. Almost all of them were from the neighborhood. It was great to have a chance to meet and chat with them. Also, the music was great!

There was a slow start in attendance, but more people turned out during the second hour. It was unfortunate that the Ingleside Light guy was taking photos when hardly anyone was there.  Robert will contact him to see if he wants more, better populated photos, which Nahal might be able to provide.

We have $90 from t-shirt sales and donations.  We will keep this as a petty cash fund for small items we need to buy or reimburse quickly.  Lynn will take charge of and manage these funds.

Danielle sent some info:

Budget: $947 was spent.  $300 for the band; $267 for printed materials: $210 for giveaways: $169 for refreshments.  Nahal has indicated that she had some expenses which may or may not have been included in these figures – need clarification on that.  If not, we can reimburse.

Eleven new people signed up via our email list onsite, and 1 online.

Unfortunately, no one from Supervisor Safai’s office attended.

I wish to insert a big thank you to all of us who worked hard to make this happen, especially Danielle, Robert, Moneka, Nahal, and Eric, as well as John and Deb for trying to get us a band and for making their garage space available for the musicians. 

Funding Opportunities and Moving Ahead

Savannah reported that their Grant Writer, Anne Palermo, is available to meet with any of us to offer suggestions and give assistance.  

There is an upcoming Webinar on PUC grants for “greening”. (this might have been happening the next day)

Savannah will look into other possibilities.  Maurice put a couple of suggestions in the Chat, which Moneka took down.

Getting an add-back from our Supe was mentioned – but this seems unlikely for us currently.

Do we need to specify which Lane segment we want any grant money for? – Depends on grant, but we agreed that it would be best at this point to work on Section 2 next, since it is unknown what will be happening with the development of the lot at 6 Caine which is adjacent to Section 3.


Our 23/24 budget needs to be submitted now. Savannah indicated that a rough estimate is ok, as it can be adjusted as we know more. Mary Beth will take care of this.

Mary Beth will ask Nahal and Eric how they want to be compensated for their work when we move forward with development of the remaining sections.  We will probably need to have a contract with them, unless they want to get stipends as volunteers (at 20% of what they would normally charge for comparable work).

Funding items will include dealing with our irrigation system and an annual weed clearance (after the rains).

Savannah informed us that we can now use Docusign when submitting check/reimbursement requests.  Moneka will be added to list of authorized signers.


Barbara asked if Parks Alliance could helps us more with networking and gaining info from other SFPA  resources and groups in areas other than fiscal matters. Savannah indicated that they could and would.

Maurice told us about the upcoming 2023 Jazz in the Parks series he is putting on. He would like us to go last to get optimal exposure.  We agreed on Sunday, September 10 to take advantage of likelihood of better weather, and summer vacations having ended.

SFPA Public Space Summit will be held on Thursday May 11 at the SFPUC Southeast Community Center.  Savannah asked if someone from our group would agree to be on a presentation panel.  Robert and Moneka agreed to do this. We can get 2 additional free tickets to attend the daylong event, if anyone can make it.

Next meeting on Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm.  Most likely on Zoom.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara

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