Remote RLN Meeting: Tuesday, January 10

Hi all, please join us for a meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors at 7p on Tuesday, January 10. Here is the zoom link:

Meeting ID: 880 8927 9084
Passcode: RLN

Stay safe with all the rain!

1. Welcome
2. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
3. Closing

Meeting Minutes:

In Attendance:  Mary Beth, Lynn, Danielle and Barbara

Meeting was held on Zoom

SF Parks Alliance

Mary Beth has been working on the end of year survey/evaluation requested by SFPA.  Barbara noted that Mary Beth and she spent a lot of time filling out this document last year very diligently, and never heard any feedback from PA about what we said.  This was very disappointing and something of a disincentive to do it again, but Mary Beth had already started on it.  We helped fill in some of the statistics at the meeting, as well as a request for quarterly statements

Perhaps Savannah could let us know if the neighborhood organizations are meant to benefit in some way from providing the info and feedback requested, or if it is just for the use of the PA.

PA also needs to have a renewed FSA (Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement) on file by January 25. There is a little confusion about what needs to be filled out anew, and what is continuous. Mary Beth will contact Moneka about getting the report finished.

This led to a noting of incoming donations, and appropriate expressions of gratitude. Since last time we met, we have received a $200 donation from someone not in our neighborhood!  How nice.  Lynn will contact them to thank them and ask if they would like an RLN t-shirt.  

The folks at 77 Caine have continued their regular contributions.  Danielle will thank them.

Mary Beth thanked the teachers at Lick-Wilmerding who brought their kids to do a clean-up last fall, and mentioned that we would live to have them come again this calendar year.

Plant Waste at Top of Parcel 4

Barbara noted that all the branches/clippings etc. from Nahal and Eric’s trimming on Parcel 4 plantings that had gotten out of hand were still sitting at the top of the Lane, as well as some branches that had come off the trees in the median during storms.  With the help of her visiting grandson, she moved the small stuff to fill her green bin and the rest was moved to the top of the median.  She was going to ask Mary Beth or Moneka whether 311 or DPT should be notified, but within a couple of days, it was all cleaned up! 

 Did anyone here notify….who?

The next week more branches form the median were piled at the Lane.  She moved those to the top of the median also. (perhaps they will make it less likely that vehicles will go in and get stuck there:)


Once again the irrigation report Danielle receives for (seemingly) Parcel 1 states that a huge amount of water is being used.  We don’t really know why/how.  They offer to send someone out to help assess this, and we should do that.

We hope that Scott might be able to arrange this.  Barbara will contact him(if this mention doesn’t’t get a response)


We have money from a grant to purchase several new bollards and a partial.  No one remembers who we worked with in the past, but Barbara found an email from Nahal mentioning First Light Technologies as the manufacturer of the lights.  Barbara will contact them. NOTE: Initial call has gone out, waiting for call back.  Looks like we can work with them directly.

Community Day event

Danielle is taking the lead on this.  She sent out a Doodle to find out what day in April or June works best for everyone in our group.  If you haven’t responded yet, please do so asap.

We need a separate group to work on this, especially if the event is held at the beginning of April.  Danielle will reach out to Moneka, who expressed interest previously.  Lynn said she could help with planning, and offered the use of her driveway. Barbara can help somewhat as well (including reaching out to John about live music).

Other volunteers/ways of helping are welcome.  Contact Danielle.

Some things to be worked out:

We will need a Rain Date as well as a date.

What will the activities be, and who will run them?

What about food – who will supply?  How much to plan on? (Can Maurice help with this?)

How widely do we want to publicize – just our area, or wider OMI?  This relates somewhat to food – if we’re offering free food, do we want people coming from far and wide just to eat, without an interest in our neighborhood projects?

How/where will we publicize?  Should there be translations?

Next Meeting: February 7 at & 7:00pm  online.

Respectfully submitted,


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