Hybrid RLN Meeting: Zoom & In-Person RLN : Tuesday, July 5

Hi all, the meeting on July 5th will be hybrid! If you want to meet in person, please meet at the intersection of Ridge Lane & Majestic at 7p and we’ll walk over to a neighbors house (please wear a mask!). If you want to join online, here is the zoom link: https://sfparksalliance.zoom.us/j/88089279084?pwd=OWNLQzBrSTdLSHBJVUJ1eTZGQTI5Zz09

Meeting ID: 880 8927 9084
Passcode: RLN

Stay safe and healthy, neighbors!

1. Welcome
2. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
3. Closing

Meeting Minutes:

We had a hybrid meeting with Warren, Barbara and new member Bill Rupel (Margaret St.) meeting in person(!) at Robert and Moneka’s house, and Lynn and another new attendee, Aisha Mattu ( Majestic St.) joining in on Zoom. Welcome to the new attendees! Thank you to Robert and Moneka for hosting us.


What’s going on in the lot on 6 Caine?

There has been partial grading and a lot of building equipment and machinery stored at the 6 Caine lot, starting in early June.  After a week or two, a chain link fence was put up around the site. There have not been any signs or permits posted at the site, and a search of the Planning Dept. website indicates that a building permit was requested a couple of years ago, and is still pending.

Robert left a message for Jerry Cullinane, presumably the developer, (who met with us a couple of times a few years ago to discuss his building plans, and his intention to build out Parcel 3 according to our plan), but has not heard back from him, and at this point we don’t know whether he is still involved since his name doesn’t appear on the permit request.

It was noted that a Code Enforcement Complaint was file with 311 on June 30. (Afterward, I learned that the person who filed the complaint got a buck passing runaround from the Planning and Fire Departments).ACTION ITEMS:

 Everyone should call 311 to complain- and it should be lodged with the Planning Dept/Building Inspection

Moneka will contact E.J. Jones, an aide to our sup Ahsha Safai, who she knows from OMI meetings. Robert and Moneka will visit offices in City Hall and Planning Dept. to get some answers.

(Note: Robert sent a letter to Sylvia Jimenez, Southwest Principal Planner. He also lodged a complaint and was assured that District Inspector Allen Lei will view the property within 3 days. He also sent a memo to Sup Safai)

Parcel 4 Weed and Clean

We decided to schedule this on Sunday, August 7 from 10am to 1pm,and invite the whole neighborhood. ACTION ITEMS:

 Moneka will call Eva at DPW at least 2 weeks ahead for trash and compost pick up services.       She will also contact Denise about getting a flyer made from the template and plans will be made to get them distributed.        

Further planning will be done via email as it gets closer to the date.

SF Parks Alliance

We understand we have a new liaison person.  We would like to meet this person to introduce ourselves and our group.

We also understand that any donor who gives over a certain amount of many must give their name for public listing.  We have one such donor.  (Note: steps are being taken to identify and notify that donor)

There were other matters that arose during a recent event sponsored by SFPA which was attended by Mary Beth (who sent us notes right afterwards – thank you!), but we need further illumination for which we will have to wait, as Mary Beth was ill and could not attend the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


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