Remote RLN meeting: Tuesday, May 4

Please join us for the next virtual meeting of Ridge Lane Neighbors at 7p on Tuesday, May 4.

If you’d like to join, please email to receive the link to the virtual meeting.

Stay safe and healthy, neighbors!

1. Welcome
2. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
3. Closing

Meeting minutes:

New plantings on parcel 1:Eric and Nahal will likely be in town later this month and hope to swing by and see the bald patches on parcel 1 and may recommend new plants. We discussed also just taking a bit off an existing thriving plant and planting in empty areas.
Sign for parcel 1:The sign thanking sponsors came apart and fell. Nahal will send Robert the design for the parcel 4 sign which we think can be printed and laminated to replace the one that came down.
Ceanothus trimming:If it starts to take over other plants, no need to hack it… just trim the areas encroaching on succulents or other plants
Succulents:When the flowers die and dry, just cut off the stem/branch that held the flowers.
Jerry Culinane / Parcel 3:Robert reached out to Jerry about the letter of support, and waiting to hear back from Jerry.
Water usage report:The report for parcel 4 says no water used, yet plants look good. It comes on at 6:30 am M-W-F, so Robert is an early bird and will check on one of those days to see if water is flowing.
Parcel for contract / Patrick:We are trying to get a standard contract for Patrick. Mary Beth just requested again. There is also a chicken/egg situation where MOHCD seems to not want to give all the info Patrick needs to submit the bid, until the bid is submitted. Mary Beth also inquired to find out if we can please get Patrick the info he needs to submit a realistic bid.
Work day on parcel 1:Thank you again to Moneka for organizing, and to Robert and Barbara also for working (did I miss anyone?). It made a huge difference. 

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