RLN Meeting Tuesday, October 1st

Hello Neighbors,

Due to meeting space availability, the October meeting will be held at a neighbors house. Please message if you would like the address.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!

Minutes added 10/10/2019:

In Attendance:  Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Warren Longmire: Scott Kauffman; Robert Muehlbauer; Moneka Urbanske; Danielle Callaghan; Lynn Yuan; Barbara VanderBorghtFrom SFPA: Susanna Fraker
Welcome to Susanna, who is our interim liaison at SFPA.  A search for a permanent replacement for Marissa is in progress.Robert M. led the meeting.
SFPA MATTERRLN would like to have access to our financial accounts, but since this is not possible with the current SFPA system, we would like to have monthly reports so we know what our financial situation is on an ongoing basis, including being able to thank those making contributions.  Susanna said she would see about making this possible, and Moneka offered to work with her on this.
PARCEL 4RailingThe railing design was approved on September 4, and is being fabricated.  There is a 6 week lead time from the approval until it can be installed, so we should figure on that happening in mid-October sometime.UPDATE:  Mary Beth reported that the September 4 approval was not the final one in the process.  We are now looking at mid-November or later for the railing installation.
FenceThere have been 3 separate surveys to determine where the fence line for Ridge Lane and the property of 55 Caine is.  Although they all are in agreement, there was some confusion generated when trying to follow the City’s survey.This has mostly been resolved, however there are further questions to be answered:
Q. Should the fence be placed on the property line, or totally on public City property?  A. It was decided to place it totally on the public side of the property line.
Q. Who owns the fence? A. The City, especially since it will be on public property. This will make the City liable for it’s upkeep and replacement needs, presumably?
Q. What type of fence style will be installed?A. Since the property owner had a shadow box style fence there already, this should be considered a replacement for that.
Q. The property owner has been unresponsive in the past to approving a date to get the fence installed.  What should we do in the future?A. We will alert him to the date when the fence will be ready for installation and let hime know that we will be going ahead with this if we do not hear from him by a certain date before the installation.
WaterAn active water pipe was broken in early September while there was no work going on on the Lane.  The water department made a temporary fix, but a permanent repair is needed. Kimberly Kiefer is our new liaison at DPW. Someone (Mary Beth?) will follow up with her about this.An upside of the pipe break is that it was now clear where the back flow prevention device should go.  This has been installed – waiting for an inspection, after which the water meter can be installed.
Lights and BenchesWill these be installed at same time as the railing?  Mary Beth will look into.
Many Thanks to Mary Beth for all her work sorting this out for us!
Bottom Line completion date:  LMNOP’s deadline for project completion is the end of 2019.
WEBSITEDanielle has developed a new website for us, with input from Warren, Mary Beth and Kristin. She also created a new email address for the public: RidgeLaneNeighbors2019@gmail.com
Question for group:  since the domain name we had been using: RidgeLaneNeighbors.org has not become available for use yet (although many attempts were made to free it up), what domain name should we use for the website?It was decided to go with RidgeLaneNeighborsSF.org The email address should now be changed to that name as well, to be consistent. UPDATE:  The new website has gone live!  Thank you Danielle!   Has the email address been changed as well?
The cost for the new name and server hosting for 3 years is $106.  This fee will come from money Lynn has on hand from t-shirt sales.
OPENING CELEBRATIONAlthough it is hoped that the lights (especially) and benches will be installed around the same time as the railing, it was decided we should have our opening celebration as soon as possible after the Lane is safely open to foot traffic when the railing are installed.Mary Beth will let us know when Tyler of LMNOP has a projected finish date, then we can put out a couple of possible dates in November and December for our group to agree upon.UPDATE:  since the railing won’t be installed now until mid-November, we need to look at early December as a first possible date – maybe Saturday, December 7? 
It could be as simple as an announcement as:  The Lane is Open!  Come Celebrate!We should invite all our donors and institutional partners, as well as the Mayor and our supervisor, for a public acknowledgement and thank you.  And a t-shirt.  Perhaps the Taco Tuesday neighbors would be willing to come.A special planning group (and meeting?) should be put together.
Next MeetingSince the first Tuesday in November is Election day, we will hold our monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 12, at 7:00pm at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise notified.
Respectfully submitted,barbara vanderborght

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