RLN Meeting at SFPL Tuesday, May 7th, 7pm

Ridge Lane Neighbors will be holding our regular monthly meeting at the SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean, Tuesday night, May 7th, from 7 – 8:30pm.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!

**Meeeting Notes added 5/9/19**

In Attendance:  Neighbors:  Warren Longmire; Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Scott Kauffman; Danielle Casey Callaghan; Moneka and Robert Muelhbauer; Patricia Ris; Barbara VanderBorght

SFPA: Marissa Alexander
Update on Development of 6 Caine Lot
Robert M. reported that the contractor submitted their 3 house plans to the Planning Dept. about one month ago. It could be another 60 days before notices for input will be sent to neighbors within a 300 foot radius. As far as Robert knows, the only change made to the plans we discussed with them, was to lower the height of the houses fronting Caine.  It’s not known if they made changes to make the two driveways into one to preserve some street parking on Caine, as they had proposed.
When neighbors in close enough proximity get the hearing notice, they should let everyone know, and we should inform residents not in RLN so that we can have a stronger voice in seeing that our concerns are considered, and raise awareness of RLN.
Update Parcel 4
Marissa reported that the process, which gets ever more convoluted, is still moving along.  The latest hitch involved having to use an AIA contract, rather than the one SFPA usually uses.  This required the SFPA lawyers to go over it before it could be sent to the respective parties, (MOHCD and LMNOP), which is where it sits now.  Once they agree with the contract language, it has to go through more steps with the City, and LMNOP will have to get bonded for this job (which we will have to pay for).  Once all this is completed, the work can begin again, and should not take all that long (a month or so?).
It was suggested we put up a sign on the fence at Parcel 4 apologizing for the delay and indicating that there was a snag in funding, which is currently being worked out and that work should resume sometime soon.  It should be signed Ridge Lane Neighbors (RLN.org), so that it is clear no one person is responsible for this and so people can look at our website for more info.  Wording suggestions can be sent to the group email.  Patricia will contact Nahal to get it formatted with our logo and see about getting signs made and laminated.  Installation should be in a spot where it cannot easily be removed, if possible.
Water Meter
We do have the $10,000 grant from the PUC, and $1300 in rebates, but it is unclear how we are meant to proceed and who is supposed to do what in regards to the installation of the meter and back flow restrictor and the connections to water and irrigation lines. And how we can use the rebate. Do we need to hire a plumber?  What are PUC and LMNOP responsible for?  The uncertainties were handled by Catmex on Parcel 1, but LMNOP might not be in a position to do that here. To get more clarification, Mary Beth will talk to the folks at PUC this week and Marissa will send her the contact info of a neighborhood group who recently had this done.

We would like to meet Julia’s replacement at SF Public Works.  Warren or Mary Beth will contact him and invite him to our next meeting.

Marissa has been talking to Sup. Safai about ensuring that the developer of the 6 Caine lot come through with their promises to develop Parcel 3 in a way we want.  We should get something in writing once it looks like they are moving ahead with their development.
We might be able to apply for additional MOHCD funding next (this?) year.  Now that we have gone through all their rigamarole, it should be somewhat easier to get to spend any grant money, although we would have to go through a bid process, and any contractor would have to meet all they requirements.
We should also be able to apply in the round CCG round, coming out in September.  There will be a higher max grant amount.  Unclear what their emphasis will be.
Water usage on Parcel 1.  Patricia reports that she was getting notices that our water usage was going over what we should be using, although this has stopped.  Also, there is a problem with the app that controls the irrigation flow system, and with the equipment.  Urban Farmer has been contacted, but they weren’t very helpful.  It was determined that we do want the system to be functional.  It was brought up that the plants were chosen for their drought resistance and thus were not meant to need irrigation indefinitely, but only at first to get established.  It’s been 3 years since the irrigation system was put in.
Mary Beth will ask about PUC how we can see what our usage is, and Patricia will look into getting the system problems addressed.
Next meeting:  Tuesday, June 4 at 7pm at the Ingleside Branch Library, unless otherwise notified.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara VanderBorght

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