RLN Meeting Tonight: SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean from 7 – 8:30pm

We will be holding our regular monthly meeting at the SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean, tonight November 13th, from 7 – 8:30pm.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!

***meeting notes added 11/17***

In Attendance: Neighbors: Robert Muehlbauer; Moneka Urbanske; Patricia Ris; Warren Longmire; Lynn Yuan; Scott Kauffman; Kristin Casey-Callaghan; Barbara VanderBorght

DPW: Julia Brashares; Project Designers: Nahel Sohbati and Eric Arneson;
Guests: DeveloperJerry Cullinane; and Architect Stephen Antonaros
We began with a dual celebration – a champagne toast to Scott for his successful application for our most recent large grant; and cake to celebrate Eric Nahal’s recent marriage! Thanks to Robert and Moneka for the bubbly and candy, and to Lynn for the yummy cake.  And Congratulations and best wishes to the newly weds!  NOTE: they have moved to Goleta (near Santa Barbara)!  But they remain committed to the project and expect to be coming up to SF when needed.
The contractor and architect who are planning development on the empty lot that was 6 Caine Avenue presented their preliminary plans to build 3 houses on the large irregular lot.  Each house would be 2 – 21/2 stories of approximately 1475 sq ft each.  Two would face Caine, with driveways and garages; one would face Ridge, with none.  Other options are two larger houses, both facing Caine or one very large house on the lot. They prefer the smaller houses approach.  They are interested in making a green space adjacent to Ridge Lane, and have offered to do the improvements to the portion of Ridge Lane that fronts their property.  It would be important for them to work in concert with our design plans.  Unclear just how much of the work they would do there, but since the contractor specializes in concrete/cement work, would imagine that that part of the hardscape would be done by them at the very least. Since there is a variance on these plans, they need approval from the Planning Dept., and no objections from neighbors who live close to the lot.
RLN members are open to their plans, especially the 3 smaller houses option.  We would like to keep communication flowing – Robert M. volunteered to be the liaison between the developers, Nahal, and RLN members.  The architect expects to have preliminary plans drawn up in the next few weeks and then come back to us.
Since it would no doubt be beneficial to whatever building they do there, the shortening of the median was broached – now might be a good time to look into what ramifications come with this concerning red zones and widened sidewalks.  Julia will check on this latter point.
The gate has become unsecured over the past couple of days and is standing wide open, allowing access to the partially built stairs.  Warren will alert LMNOP. (Done)
We are waiting for the release of funds from our grant in order to resume work on finishing the hardscape (does this includes benches and lighting, as well as stairs, and the removal of the posts in the median?).  Apparently there have been some unexpected glitches with getting the money released, which Marissa is working on. LMNOP needs a 40-50 % downpayment before continuing the work.
LMNOP will not be able to do the landscaping for Parcel 4.  We discussed how we might want to proceed. it was determined that we wait until the hardscape is completed before deciding how we want to handle this.  We should have the irrigation installed by the same people who will be doing the planting.
Kristin has kindly stepped up to be the point person/organizer for this, including coordination with SFPA/DPW’s Green Team involvement.  Nahal will make up flyers from previous templates and RLN members will distribute.
NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, December 4 at 7pm at the Ingleside Branch Library, unless otherwise notified.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara V.

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