RLN Monthly Meeting: Tuesday Evening at 7pm / SF Public Library

We will be holding our regular monthly meeting at the SF Public Library, Plymouth @ Ocean, Tuesday evening, April 3rd, from 7 – 8:30pm.

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractors
– Grant applications
– Other ongoing issues
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!

****meeting notes added 4/6/18***

In Attendance: Neighbors-Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Warren Longmire; Moneka Urbanske; Kristin Casey-Callaghan; Danielle Casey-Callaghan

Parks Alliance: Marissa Alexander

Joining by phone: Designers Nahal Sohbati and Eric Arneson

LMNOP Parcel 4 contract:

  • The LMNOP contract looks great and we voted to move forward with the contract.
  • HOWEVER, we can only sign a contract for $184,519k, which is the amount of money we currently have on hand (per Marissa’s email on 3/15/2018 — including CCG, unrestricted funds, volunteer of the year award). Though we MAY get more money from Ahsha, we won’t know for sure until July 1 and cannot sign a contract using “potential” funds.
  • Therefore, we need to postpone $38,130 worth of work until we obtain the funds. We can keep the “postponed” work in the contract as “add-ons” to be completed once we obtain the funds.
  • Follow up: Mary Beth to email Marissa and Warren with a draft email to LMNOP and then, with revisions, reach out directly to LMNOP to a final “phased” contract. Nahal and Eric should be involved in the decisions about phasing.


  • Marissa encouraged group to start seriously fund raising — this will be an agenda item for the May meeting. Even if we get the discussed $30k from Ahsha, we will still be ~$8k short of funds for the full LMNOP Parcel 4 contract. Kristin will create a google sheet to start collecting fundraising ideas in advance of the May meeting.
  • Warren: please follow-up with Eric M. regarding adding a statement to the donate page on RLN about donations being tax deductible

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 1 at 7:00pm at the Ingleside Library, unless otherwise notified.



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