RLN Meeting Tues Aug 1st, 7pm, SF Public Library – Ocean @ Plymouth

You’re invited…

What: Ridge Lane Neighbors Monthly Meeting
When: First Tuesday, August 1st, from 7:00-8:30PM
Where: Ingleside Public Library, 1298 Ocean Avenue (at Plymouth Avenue), San Francisco, CA 94112

1. Welcome
2. Approval Minutes
3. Monthly updates:
– SF Parks Alliance
– Contractor/Catmex
– Grant applications
– Next Ridge Lane clean up/community event
– Plants/water Parcel 1
– Your concerns
4. Closing

We hope to see you there!


***Notes Added 8/3****

Ridge Lane Neighbors Community Meeting

August 1, 2017


Ingleside library, Ocean Ave


In attendance: Scott Kauffman (neighbor), Lynn Yuan (neighbor), Tania Pulido (UCB student), Danielle Casey Callaghan (neighbor), Kristin Casey Callaghan (neighbor), Kim Connor (neighbor), Moneka Unbanske (neighbor), Eric Arneson (landscape designer), Nahal Sohbati (designer), Robert Rodriguez (neighbor), Warren Longmire (neighbor)


Quick notes from July meeting:

-met with owner of 55 Ridge Lane re: encroachments – all is good to go

-met with owner of home on Caine adjacent to Ridge Lane, determined that There will be no change to Ridge Lane design

-recently, Scott spoke with Supervisor Safai, who continues to be supportive of Ridge Lane


August 1 Meeting Minutes:


Parcel 4:

-design at top of Caine Avenue will remain the same: a landing with barriers (to prevent vehicles) at front and back between parcel 4 and parcel 3…landing is technically a part or parcel 4. Will include a boulder or rock to include a rock plaque thanking donors and the city, etc.


Parcel 4 construction update: as of today, all we need is approval of the updated timeline, which Suzanne needs to send to Marissa/Bonnie (Marissa is away – Bonnie is filling in) and then it needs to be signed off. Then, work can start which needs to be ASAP. Suzanne should be sending the document to Marissa/Bonnie tomorrow morning, 8/2. Scott will follow up with Bonnie and Suzanne on 8/2 to make sure this happens.


-Suzanne stated earlier today that she will start work on parcel 4 on Saturday, 8/6


-need to ensure project occurs in window of time advertised to the local community


parcel 3: is it possible to use leftover funding from parcel 4 to begin work on parcel 3 while Suzanne is working with us this summer? To be determined after construction is underway.


Volunteer hours:

-track your volunteer hours on the website: https://ridgelaneneighbors.org/log-volunteer-hours-here/comment-page-2/

-Danielle to continue to track hours and submit to Marissa quarterly

-need to match our grant and volunteer hours can be included (last report was $1800, which included 120 hours)



-Kristin to follow up with Supervisor Safai’s office regarding BART station access fund and future funding opportunities

-CCG application due soon?

-Warren to ask Whole Foods about a donation day

-need to have an event in the fall to celebrate parcel 4; could sell tiles or something similar to use on Ridge Lane (maybe on parcel 5, though tiles may not work with wood design). Kristin to send Nahal some pricing options for fundraising tiles.

-ask Philz for support? Anyone have a relationship with Philz?

-once fundraiser determined, be sure to invite local vendors to purchase a “tile” (or whatever we sell)


Lewisburg driving:

-can we get rumble strips, or similar, at the Ridge Lane crossing or some other means to enforce slower driving?


Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 5, 7pm, Ingleside Library on Ocean Ave


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