RLN April Meeting Tonight at SFPL – 7pm

Please join us this evening for our regular monthly meeting, Tuesday April 4, 7 – 8:30pm, at the SF Public Library Ingleside Branch, Ocean @ Plymouth.


1. Status on encroachments / survey / boundary markings.

Actions from last meeting on this topic:

– Larry, Jerry, Julia, Michael, Bruce all meeting next Tuesday to put together a game plan to have the survey completed and boundaries marked.

– Bruce would like the 2 homeowners, 2 representatives from ridge lane neighbors, and Julia to be in attendance when survey and demarcation actually occur

– Mary Beth will send the names and contact information for each of the 2 homeowners to Julia so that Julia can reach out to them to arrange for on-site meeting with Bruce once it is able to happen.

2. Budget: finances, fundraising – any other updates?

3. Parcel 4 Kiosk: status, letting neighbors know what’s coming

4. Parcel 1 Planting Day (April 22)

5. Logging volunteer hours: confirm everyone knows how to do this

6. T-shirts and other marketing collateral


***Minutes added 4/28***

Attendees:  Neighbors: Danielle Casey Callaghan; Kristin Casey Callaghan; Warren Longmire; Patricia Ris; Scot Kauffman; Robert Muehlbauer; Moneka Urbanske; Lynn Yuen; MaryBeth D’Alonzo; Babara VanderBorght

Nahal Sohbati and Eric Arneson: Project designers; Marissa Alexander: SFPA; Julia Brashares: SF Public
Meeting was held at the Ingleside Branch of the SF Public Library.  Warren chaired the meeting
Contract was signed April 1.  We are now officially in the Grant period, which means:
  • Each person needs to record their time spent on RLN activities (including coming to meetings).  This can be done on our website: RidgeLaneNeighbors.org, where there is a link for logging Volunteers hours.  Will need approval from Eric when first using.
  • Quarterly reports will need to be written up and submitted.  First one due July 15, two weeks after the start of the next quarter. Each report requires a narrative, which can largely come from the monthly meeting minutes.
  • Work can start on Section 4 and a work plan/timeline developed and followed.
As of now, the next steps in our work plan would be:
  1. Getting the boundaries of the Lane vis a vis encroachments clearly marked.  There are currently 3 markers on Ridge, two on Parcel 3, one at the top of Parcel 4.  Julia is continuing to work on getting BSM to come out and complete marking the survey boundaries.  This clearly needs to be done before work can begin.
  2. Signing the contract between (presumably) CatMex and SFPA (on our behalf), which will include the scope of work and timeline for work completed and money paid, among other things.
  3. Beginning the work with moving the fence from 55 Ridge and doing some demo work.
In order to accomplish theses, our action items are:
  1. Scott will set up a meeting with Suzanne, Marissa, Julia and any other RLN members who can attend to discuss a timeline and whether CatMex can realistically accomplish this project in a timely manner, as they seem to be a bit over extended, and have not yet put up the kiosk, which was contracted for last fall.  NOTE: This meeting was held on April 14 – minutes will follow these meeting minutes.
  2. Patricia will follow up on getting our water meter installed with the PUC grant.  Once approved, it should take 60-90 days until the installation.
  3. Date will be set to draw up contract – Marissa, Suzanne, and…?
  4. Julia will push BSM to mark the boundaries
  5. Julia will contact the encroachment property owner(s) to let them know when the work will begin.
  6. Signs will need to go up alerting neighbors of the plans for Ridge Lane improvement, and what the impact will be (ie, no parking in the spots at the top of Caine; not being able to use Ridge Lane between Caine and San Miguel.
  7. DPW will mail notices to homes in the immediate vicinity around 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before the work is due to begin, but we may want to alert those in a somewhat wider stretch, (ie all of 0-100 block of Caine), depending on how far the DPW official notification area covers.
We need additional plants for Parcel 1.  Having an Earth Day event.
Nahal designed a flyer; Marissa will get flyers and posters printed (DONE); Patricia will collect them (DONE); RLN members will distribute on their respective blocks the previous weekend.
Patricia will post on Next Door.
Lynn will sell Ridge Lane t-shirts, which should arrive by April 12, for $20 each.  (Have they arrived, and is that the price we decided on?)
Nahal has arranged for Tim Wong (butterfly guy from Cal Academy of Science) to attend (and speak?)
There will be giveaways for kids.
Patricia will buy the plants ahead of time from a list compiled by Eric A.
Eric A. will precut holes in the landscape cloth to facilitate the planting and guide where they should go.
Warren will set up a Google Group email list for our working group members, so we will have an accurate and easy to use email list. (DONE)
Scott has been contacted by Ahsha Safai’s legislative aide Cathy Mulkey-Meyer about our project and how they can help.
Robert M. reported on neighborhood proposals for building of new housing on the Balboa Park BART Station upper yard area (100 units) and on the Balboa Reservoir site behind Whole Foods, where 500 units are proposed.
Also, there is a safety study being done to determine where the M Line will end.
Can we get links to these organizations to put on our website?  Eric M. and Robert?
Mary Beth reported on her research into dog waste bag dispensers.  There is one she thinks will be adequate for $49.  She will send out an email with her findings and recommendation.
Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm at the Ingleside Branch Library.
Held at SFPA offices.  Attending: Scott Kauffman; Robert Muehlbauer; Barbara VanderBorght; Marissa Alexander; Julia Brashares and Suzanne Mendoza (by speaker phone).
Purpose of the meeting – to determine if CatMex will be able to meet our timeframe needs, and to set up realistic dates for contract signing and work  (including the Kiosk, which is well past due).
Suzanne reported that CatMex is in the process of finishing up their other projects to clear the way for ours.
She asked about the water meter installation timing, as this is an important element, however, the fact that there is a hydrant at the top of Ridge on Caine should be helpful until the meter is installed.
She promised that the Kiosk would be built and installed no later than Wednesday, April 19.
Once the contract is signed, they can begin work about a week later.  First thing to be done will be the encroachments demo and fence moving work. Plan to save the successful plants on Parcel 4 was agreed upon.
Suzanne needs a full size hard copy of the most recent plans so that she can take measurements from them.  Julia will see if she has or can make them.
Suzanne asked if any permits or inspections will be necessary Julia will check on this.
We will need release of liability from the property owners whose property is being moved or altered in any way.  This would be to protect CatMex, SFPA, and RLN from being sued.  Suzanne and Julia will check if they might have template wording for this.
SFPA will take care of drawing up the schedule mock up and timeline (scope of work?)
It was agreed that the contract signing will take place the last week of April, and work will be started the first week of May.  (Julia will now push to get the boundary lines set up by BSM.
Question to Julia:  In light of above timeline, when will the signs go up and letters sent out alerting neighbors? How much of Caine will DPW cover?
Suzanne was asked if she could attend the next RLN meeting on May 2.  She agreed, but asked that she be sent reminders.

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