Meeting Tuesday Mar 7th, 7-8:30 PM SFPL Ocean @ Plymouth

Please join us for our regular monthly meeting at the SF Public Library, Ingleside Branch, Ocean Avenue at Plymouth: Tuesday March 7th, 7-8:30pm.


Parcel 4:
– Encroachment: Marking property lines: next steps? (Julia: status on city marking property lines?)
– Update on next steps working with neighbors who have parcel 4 encroachments
– Widening on Ridge/Caine and the loss of parking *without* widening…  do we need a Caine Ave resident to champion this related issue that could affect other Caine residents’ desire to support the project?
– Kiosk status
Funding / Finances / Contracts:
– Contract: April 1 start date confirmed? (190K to cover parcel 4)
– Status on adjustments to last grant application (agenda item from Feb)
– Getting creative with funding; estimate on what’s needed to complete the whole RLN project
– Logging volunteer hours on website? (Warren reached out to Eric)
– Donation messaging (kiosks and website)
– Workplace & Budget for next CCG
– Update water meter application parcel 4


– Doggy Do sign parcel1

– Inquiry on marketing materials RLN

– Update event Alehouse

Parcel 1:

– Irrigation status

See you there!



Ridge Lane Neighbors

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 7

7 – 8:30pm


In Attendance: Scott, Warren, Julia, Jonathan, Lin, Nahal, Eric (?), Mary Beth, Patricia, Danielle & Kristin


DWP: Julia and Jonathan



Julia identified correct staff member, Bruce Storrs (bureau of street use and mapping). Bruce signs off on all determinations of city property vs resident property.  Bruce has the qualifications to mark on-site the right of way boundary for ridge lane-Julia has now put in an official request with Jerry to have Bruce survey and demarcate the boundary lines. (Jerry Sanguinity runs the bureau of street use and mapping).


Larry, Jerry, Julia, Michael, Bruce all meeting next Tuesday to put together a game plan to have the survey completed and boundaries marked.


Bruce would like the 2 homeowners, 2 representatives from ridge lane neighbors, and Julia to be in attendance when survey and demarcation actually occurs.


Mary Beth will send the names and contact information for each of the 2 homeowners to Julia so that Julia can reach out to them to arrange for on-site meeting with Bruce once it is able to happen.


Widening Caine turn around

-sense of the group that when parcel 4 is complete THEN the city might be able to come in and discuss the turn around widening and at that point we will try to move forward

-MTA and public works have some strict legislation requirements (i.e. Red curb painting for fire truck access, 10 foot sidewalks) and they cannot do any project without enforcing these requirements so when we invite them to cut back the curb, they may have to do a lot more than that to ensure all work they do meets these requirements, which could impede Ridge Lane and/or parking


Dog litter:

-Julia is researching price of a DPW provided doggy baggy station

Mary Beth will look into purchasing a doggy litter baggy station and then we can compare costs and looks with what DPW can offer

Patricia will post signs, provided by DPW



-parcel 3 and 4 should be completed for 300,000 (Secured)

-after that, for Parcel 2, possibilities to secure funding from BART, DPW, Asha Safai (possible add back funds in future years)

-some action grants available through Parks Alliance and through CCG – need letter from DPW for both of these

-the SF county transportation authority (CTA) does offer the prop AA vehicle registration grant-just closed, will at some point open again so keep an eye on the website: funding is up to 500k for capital and 100k for planning and outreach: keep this on your radar, the application

-August 1 grant application possibility with mayors office of housing and community development




-Scott met with parks alliance director of philanthropy-nothing specific came out, talked more generally about fundraising with the idea of inviting people to buy tiles. Discussed campaigns around city (north beach raised a ton of money with tile sales)-fundraising via neighborhood participation and outreach.


Nahal suggests incorporating fundraising tiles into the “parking spot” area on the plaza as the paving. Could invite schools to paint tiles.


Nahal also suggests asking Academy of Art for financial support.  Perhaps we can write a letter to Alissa Stevens?


Kristin will research tile purchasing options. cheapest way is to stamp the names of donors on the cement, can also put names of major donors on metal signs on parcel 3 and 4. Look into Kenny alley – donor sponsors an already designed tile.


Ale house event

Patricia spoke with Miles Escabado, co-owner of ale house, need atleast two months notice, max capacity is 50-closed doors: $1000 down on a weekday or open for $0 down but less private

-Miles suggests attending the ocean avenue association to make connections with businesses as donors for silent auction, etc.- Wednesday, March 8th at 5:30pm at Lick high school, classroom 5 – whoever attends should try to plug in the earth day planting into the mailing the business sends out. Scott may attend.



-Warren will add to kiosk, “would you like to donate to ridge lane? This is how…”

-put donation information on any flyers, example: planting day


Planting day on Parcel 1-

-now is a good season for planting, best to do in next month-planting wildflower seeds on ridge lane, could also do a weeding day-post flyers in schools, etc.

-Nahal has native wildflower seeds that attract butterflies


-Nahal (?) will send invites to all local schools to join us for a Saturday or Sunday

-April 22 – ridge lane planting day and celebration -10am -Noon!

-can nature in the city attend? Get in touch with Amber Hasselbring

-Nicole Ferrara at Walk SF, reach out to her and invite her to



Tom has contracted out to Brett Stevens, a subcontractor, to install irrigation

-we have to apply for grant, takes 3-4 weeks to see if we get it: if we don’t get the grant, we have to pay the water meter ourselves. If we do get it, Suzanne has to be there.

-Patricia will continue to call Amanda to see if the project can move forward


Logging volunteer hours

-starts April 1 we think

-track all donations as part of our match

-Warren asked Eric: he can create a log your volunteer hours page – which will simply be a comment box

-date, name, number of hours, activity

-Danielle can track the hours worked, transfer them from comments to a google doc

-Warren will ask about in-kind donations tracking, etc and putting our tax information on this page so that individuals can track their donations – can Eric link to the parks alliance page?


Marketing collateral

-many, many, many options-perhaps create a ridge lane tshirt

-Lin will research costs of tshirts

-designer will design a tshirt

-next time we will discuss pre purchasing tshirts to sell or taking orders


Scott needs to finish budget next week


Next meeting: Tuesday, April 4


Ocean avenue library

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