Monthly Meeting Thur July 14th at SFPL – 7pm


Please join us Thursday evening for our regular monthly meeting:

Date: Thursday, July 14th: 7-8:30pm
At SFPL Ocean / Plymouth


***Meeting notes added 7/22***

In Attendance: Neighbors Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Moneka Urbanske; Robert Muehlbauer; Scott Kauffman; Lynn Yuan; Patricia Ris; Barbara VanderBorght

                         Bonnie Bergeron, SFPA; Jonathan Goldberg,DPW
Minutes from the June meeting were approved.
Welcome to Bonnie Bergeron, our interim liaison from SF Parks Alliance (now that Julia has moved on to a position with DPW).
  • Grand Opening photos can be found on the Ridge Lane FaceBook page.  Also there is an article about the event in the July/August edition of the Ingleside Light.
  • It was mentioned that the RLN Facebook page needs to be updated.  Perhaps Eric M. could do this.
  • Patricia showed a certificate received from Phil Ting and passed around a thank you card for all to sign to give to Lenita Henriquez who was unintentionally overlooked in our acknowledgements during the Grand Opening ceremony.  She was involved in seeing that our money made a smooth transition from the City to SFPA under the auspices of the Community Challenge Grant.
  • Installation arrangements for the drip irrigation system have not yet been made with Urban Farmer.
  • Patricia and Scott are currently watering the plantings with an onsite hose 3 times a week.  It is a somewhat time consuming process.  Patricia will be out of town in August and someone else is needed to take this on with Scott.  Some people expressed an interest in installing the drip system as a volunteer project.
  • Barbara announced that she has signed up for a Water in the Landscape Class being held at the SF Urban Farmer Store on Saturday, July 16.  Besides learning about drip systems, perhaps this would also be a good time to make contact with the very busy Tom Bressan, or someone else there who could help us get started on our project.  [Note:  Barbara was unable to go, but Patricia, Lynn and Scott did attend.  There is another class being offered on August 6 – see their website for info]
There are 2 containers on the Lane.  How do we get a trash pickup?  Jonathan will look into this.
Dog Waste:
A dog waste bag dispenser stand is still needed. Jonathan can take care of this through DPW.
A couple of plants have died due to being urinated on.  It was suggested that we establish a couple of dog pee stations.  Mary Beth offered to bring up a couple of tree stumps for this purpose.  [Note: she has done this.]
Uninstalled Bollard:
One of the bollard lights was not installed – it was decided to keep it for the next section.
Our bills from CatMex and others come to approximately $75,000.   The $5000 Community Action Grant was spent down.  This should leave us with over $25,000 left.  However, it is not known if the remaining money from the City  (from Sup. Avalos’ office), which did not get transferred to SFPA with the rest of the money has been transferred.  Bonnie can look into this.
We have a new $5000 Community Action Grant for Section 4 (Caine to San Miguel), and whatever monies are left from Section 1 (which probably need to be spent this year).  We should also have $75,000 from Sup. Avalos’ office, although this needs final approval by the Board of Supervisors.
We should apply for a Community Challenge Grant this year.  The open period for applying is August 16- September 16.
What we need to do:
  • We should focus on the building of the staircase.  We will need an estimate of the work needed, a work plan, drawings  and time line.
  • We have the drawings from Nahal’s original plans.  We (The Steering Committee) need to look at the drawings to fine tune somewhat what we want to see.  Then the drawings need to go to Jonathan to be vetted.  This should take about 2 weeks. Then we would need to go to a design/build firm like Cat Mex for an estimate.
  • In addition, we will need to keep track of our volunteer hours (at $12 an hour). Constance should invoice us for her catering services at the Grand Opening.
  • We can have various people involved in the grant process – each question can be handled by a different person
  • Bonnie can help us with the process.
  • We will need to have community buy-in.  Eg., We’ll need to submit the sign in sheets form our meetings
Part of community buy-in
We need a letter from DPW to go out asap to neighbors who abut Section 4, especially as there is major encroachment from one of them.
Median shortening on Caine
The turn around on Caine is difficult due to the median going up so far, leaving a very small turn around space, which may be further impacted by our work on Section 4. When Mohammed Nuru visited Ridge Lane last year, he said we should include this with our plans.  The City should take care of this part, providing Caine Avenue is an accepted street.  Jonathan will look into this and into what would be involved in getting the curb moved back.
  • Patricia announced that she is stepping down from being the primary point person for this next phase (including scheduling the Library meeting room for our monthly meetings).
  • Someone who lives closer to this section should take on these duties.
  • It was suggested that Warren might be a good choice.  Lynn will ask him.
  • Mary Beth and Barbara offered to be more  involved and share the duties with someone (or two) else.
  • Thursday does not work well for members anymore.
  • Tuesday or Wednesday evening during the 3rd week of the month.  The first week of the month is also a possibility. What works best for people?
In light of the need to get moving on the CCGrant, we will meet on Tuesday, AUGUST 2 at 7pm, at the top of Section 4 – on Caine.  We can then go to Lynn’s house at 11 Caine after looking over the Lane.
We will schedule a meeting at DPW with Jonathan and Mohammed in early August.
Submitted by
Barbara VanderBorght

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