RLN Meeting Tonight!



Please join us for our regular monthly meeting tonight, hosted by Patricia.

Date: Thursday, March 10: 7-8:30pm
Location: Home of Patricia R.
24 Josiah


***Minutes added 4/5/16***

Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting Notes

Meeting Date: March 10 2016

Present: Mary Beth d’Alonzo, Scott Kauffman, Moneka Urbanske, Robert Muehlbauer, Evan Schwarz (SFPA), Tad Wilson, Patricia Ris (meeting notes)
Location: 24 Josiah Avenue
Flyer Ridge Lane (Park): Design and Distribution
– Mary Beth hands out a great looking flyer created by the graphic designer at her office, Nancy Crowley (Nature Conservancy).
Thank you Nancy and Mary Beth! It’s designed to have an insert panel, which will contain event dates, so it can be used and
re-used without needing changes to the design. Some requested bigger print for some of the detail, and the possibility of
printing a larger size of the flyer.
– SFAAU has requested some changes (names of Nahal and Eric need to be removed).
– When ready it will be printed for distribution in 250 copies regular size and 50 large copies.
– Mary Beth/Sandra Zuniga (DPW), Scott will print the flyer for local distribution.
– The final pdf will be sent to all RLN participants on this email list.
– Distribution: Robert M. and Moneka will distribute on Majestic/Tara, Patricia will distribute on Josiah/Margaret/Whole Foods,
Scott will distribute on Howth/Lakeview/Mt Vernon, Mary Beth/San Miguel/Cain/Nextdoor Ingleside
– Distribution will happen on 3/26/16, Easter Weekend.
– Eric: please post the flyer on our website and on Ridge Lane – Thank you! Please let us know if you need assistance
with the posting on Ridge Lane.
Ridge Lane (Park) Community Celebration
– The Grand Opening Celebration of the Ridge Lane Park is planned for Saturday March 9th, 10am-12pm
– The event will be a potluck – please reply if you will attend and can bring food/drink to share.
– There will be information about the beautification project, enlarged design plans, thank you’s and acknowledgements.
– Robert will ask Supervisor John Avalos to be present to thank him for his contributions.
– Patricia will ask the Ingleside Light to attend and write us up; other options are the Chronicle and Examiner.
– Evan will report back to SF Parks Alliance, and cannot be present on 4/9/16, but will invite Julia Brashares and Steve Schweigerdt.
Sandra Zuniga will be informed about our flyer distribution and the planned Community Celebration, which we hope will be attended by her and
DPW director Mohammed Nuru. We also kindly request to proceed with the DPW letter to all adjacent Ridge Lane parcel owners, as previously discussed.
Robert Muehlbauer reports on the proceedings and request for neighborhood input of the Balboa Station Neighborhood Community Advisory Committee.
He will create a short blurb of the progress made to date.
The conversation continues about the origins of RLN, with a short discussion about the next parcel to work on. Moneka, Mary Beth and others
agree that the parcel between Cain and San Miguel is the most dangerous to travel, and could be considered as the next phase of our next project.
Updates from today,  3/22/16
– Heather Clendenin (SFAAU) has been invited and will attend.
– John Avalos has been invited by Robert and is available to join us.
– CatMex is planning to begin with ‘grubbing’ before April 9th and will attend
– Robert Muehlbauer will send the BSNCAC blurb in a separate email.
Calls to Action:
– Flyer Distibution date is this weekend
– Please plan to attend and contribute to our Community Celebration on April 9th, 10am-12pm
– Updates on organization of supplies (food, drink, tables, chairs, utensils, displays) will follow.
– Please be alert to pick up or receive your flyers and plan to distibute this weekend – Thank you!
24 Josiah Avenue

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