Meeting @ SFPL Thur Oct 8, 7-8:30pm


Please join us for our regular monthly meeting.

Date: Thursday, October 8, Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: SF Public Library, Ingleside Branch, Ocean @ Plymouth

Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting

October 8, 2015   7 pm

In attendance:

Robert, Warren Longmire, Mary Beth D’Alonzo, Moneka Urbanske, Rob Elliot, Patricia Ris, Lynn Yuan, Scott Kauffman, Julia Brashares (Parks Alliance); Joining later: Adele Brookman

7:10 Start: General discussion on the state of neighborhood – Problematic? Discussion of burn out

Julia discusses high cost of architectural drawing [$40, 000]; RL not as straight-forward as other projects.

Julie spoke with Steve re drawing: To get bid: – Standard request for a proposal –get bids – drawings required (have survey concept drawing) –need to clarify what proposal – want 4 different bids – Parcel #1 not complicated.

Patrcia: How do we get bids?

            -need a general contractor – need someone to follow through

Julia: As account person with PA she will help;

-Discussion of Parcel #1 fences – On private property – 4 lots – Need to speak with neighbors re fencing

-Proposing to replace existing fence; Work could be done by RLN like a barn raising? Or, bid out the work.

Robert: Let’s put together a package to start distributing to potential contractors. Agreed that Robert will meet with Julia w/in 2 weeks to get template for proposal

-Nahal’s drawings are available in Dropbox

-Julia will send proposal template around to RLN

-Moneka obtained $5000 grant from OMI (yeah!)

-Schedule needs to be pushed back

-Current rough operating funds: $86,000 (PA), $5000 (Moneka’s grant), $15,000 back from DPW.   Survey drawings drew original $150,000 down.

-Nahal has some money left; she could work with contractors

-Discussion of District 11 Clean-up on 10/17 – Balboa HS meet up

-Julia describes the event – crews fan out through the neighborhood.   RLN should have people at the HS to divert a crew to RL – Work goes until noon – Robert will email Avalos to RSVP

-Julia will be sending paperwork for extension of contract w/ PA and RLN. Warren and Patricia will sign for RLN

-Discussion of action grants possibly available

-Adele Bookman arrives

-Patricia will ask Eric to post Balboa Cleanup announcement on the website.

-Next meeting on 11/12/14

Adjourned at 8:15 pm.



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