Meeting at SFPL Thursday Aug 13 7:30


You’re invited to join us tomorrow night for our regular monthly meeting at the SF Public library, Ingleside Branch:

Date: Thursday, August 13
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: SF Public Library, Ocean @ Plymouth



***Meeting Minutes (added 8.19.15)***


Neighbors: Patricia Riis; Scott and Levi Kauffman; Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Moneka Urbanske; Robert Muehlbauer: Vanessa Wallace: Warren Longmire Lynn Yuan
SF Parks Alliance: Julia Brashares;  DPW: Rodney Hampton;  AAU: Nahal Sohbah and Eric Arneson
1 .Approval of July minutes
2. Presentation of new drawings: Nahal and Eric
– Nahal handed out copies of her drawings and had a larger version to show the group.  Changes include: gabion seating (with a gap between pairs to prevent lying down); removal of edging along the concrete pathway; 3′ tall solar powered bollard lighting which goes on at darkness at a low setting and gets brighter when motion is sensed. The design also shows trees and other landscaping features; an expanded “foyer” entrance with a trash can at either end, and a dog waste bag dispenser on one end; lunabrite lighting between the concrete sections (but not outlining the path edges) and a Ridge Lane info/welcome sign at Howth.
– There was a breakdown of all the suggested plants and trees -4 arbutus marina (strawberry trees). Plants chosen for sculptural and/or butterfly habitat qualities. Costs estimated to be around $3-4,000 for the flora – soil amendments and our labor extra. The expanded planting area at the Howth/Josiah entrance would encroach on private property, so permission would need to be obtained.
– The work should be done in this order:
grading; planting the trees; hardscaping; irrigation system; landscaping.
– Nahal has electronic versions of the drawings which she will make available to MaryBeth for our PR materials.  Can these also go up on our website?
3. Discussion of the plans: group
– Does the City have regulations about how far from the curb the trashcans can be placed in order to be serviced?  Do we need one at each end, or will one suffice?  Need DPW to answer the first question.  Consensus was it would be good to have two if they both would be serviced.
– Do we want to consider crushed granite gravel for the path instead of concrete?  Not recommended by designers for this purpose – it is subject to erosion and pooling water; edged beds would need to be constructed; not easy for wheeled things to traverse.
– Do we want to have trees?  The shade they provide may also cut into the sunny environment desired by butterflies. Do they make the lane less safe at night?  People find trees inviting. We will need buy-in from the neighbors whose yards abut the lane where the trees will be planted. The tree variety selected does not have too invasive a root system, is hardy and attractive and common in SF.
Note:  This tree does produce a fair amount of flower and fruit litter, and although it was stated that they have narrow trunks and only grow to about 15′ tall, when I looked them up to get an idea of what they look like- I found this -, “The listing for the tree as the largest measured Arbutus ‘Marina’ in California is based on measurements taken by Randy Baldwin of San Marcos Growers and Jorge Aguilera of Arbor Services on July 24 2013 of 44 feet 10 inches tall with an average crown spread of 53 feet 5 inches wide (60 ft.10 in. at its widest) and a trunk circumference (measured between the basal burl and the branch collars) of 108 inches.”  Generally it was stated repeatedly that they can grow to 50′ in height.  Are we getting a different kind of Arbutus Marina?
– The vote was to have 4 trees as shown in the design plan.
– The group also voted to accept Nahal’s plans as presented, and to have her continue to work on the other segments of Ridge Lane. Thank you Nahal!
4. SF Parks Alliance: Julia
– We signed a check request for the $800 payment to Nahal.
– We are awaiting approval of the MOU from AAU.
– Julia urged us to apply for an OMI Community Action Grant.    Marissa is the liaison for this in the SFPA office.  We can ask for up to $5000 for an event or for beautification.  The application deadline is August 31.
Moneka volunteered to work on this and Barbara offered to help, if needed.  For more info:
– Julia is continuing to work on getting our City money transferred to our SFPA account.  In the meantime, SFPA will float the $800 needed to pay Nahal.
– Julia will feature us in the SF Street Parks Newsletter.  Photos were taken.
5. PUC Water Grant
We have the grant, but additional information is needed, which Patricia will take care of.
6. DPW Trash and Blight
– A list of problem areas has been sent to Rodney.
– We may want to meet with other OMI groups about the neighborhood as a whole, but for now our focus should be on the Ridge Lane project.
– It was suggested we each call in (311) the issues that really bother us as they arise.
7. Next meeting is Thursday, September 10 at the Ingleside Library, at which time the planning of the community event to introduce the Ridge Lane First Phase will take place.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara VanderBorght

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