Meeting Thurs Nov 13, 7pm @ Ingleside Public Library


General Meeting –

We look forward to hearing from Robert Muehlbauer and Moneka Urbanske about their visit to the
Academy of Arts University mid term reports discussion where students are working on design proposals for Ridge Lane.

Thursday, November 13, 2014, 7-8:30pm
SF Public Library, Ingleside Branch on Ocean Avenue (@Plymouth)
Community Room


****Meeting notes added 11/28/14

Present: Neighbors  Warren Longmire; Moneka Urbanske; Robert Muehlbauer; Patricia Riis; Fayez Rajani; Eric Maier; Gen Paminiano; Deborah, John and Val Coys (may have spelling wrong); Barbara VanderBorght

              from DPW: Sandra Zuniga
On November 20 from 4-7,  SF Parks Alliance is having an Open House event in their new location: 1663 Mission St.  Ste. 320
The Broad/Randolph St Beautification Project’s final design options can be viewed and voted on by going to to select your favourite design. You can also go to the Ocean View Branch Library to vote.  Voting will be closed on November 22nd. Please share this with your neighbors! Please contact if you have any questions. 
The next meeting of the Balboa Park Citizens Advisory Committee will be held December 16 from 6-8 at the CCSF Multi-Purpose Center on Phelan.  More info at 
Agenda Items:
Water: It has been advised that we put in a meter for Ridge Lane watering purposes outside Eric’s house (midway). Eric is fine with this.  Patricia is looking into applying for the $10,000 water meter grant from the PUC. It is unclear how we would get the water across streets. Suggestions include using rain barrels (which could also be filled by hoses from the water meter site.
AAU designs:  Robert, Moneka and Sandra were present at the project presentations by the AAU students who are working on our designs.  Robert prepared a report which will be available as an addenda to these minutes.
The final designs will be presented on December 12 at 12 noon at AAU, 601 Brannan.  All are welcome to attend.  We will all receive the final designs as a PDF.  We will discuss what we think of the designs in January.  We can choose elements we like from different designs.  Once we decide what we want, DPW Director Mohammed Nuru will take it to the next step in developing professional working designs.  This may or may not be at no cost.  It’s thought that AAU Course instructor Mary Muszynski may be interested in doing some pro bono work on our project.  Sandra pointed out that this collaboration with AAU is the first of its kind in SF.  The SF Chronicle is going to be doing a feature on it!
Robert met with Sup. Avalos recently where he expressed interest in attending one of our activities/events.  It was suggested that we plan a Spring Clean-up which could be a larger community event with food, fundraising, plans to look at, and so forth, to invite him to.
There has been a problem having access to Ridge Lane at San Miguel due to a parked truck blocking the way.  Sandra will contact DPW to see what they might be able to do.  
Old Business follow-up:  Our funds from Sup. Avalos, which currently reside at DPW can be transferred all or in part to SF Parks Alliance (where they would be subject to the 9% fee), if that is what we choose to do.  They can also be spent directly with other City departments who perform services for us or City approved vendors (such as Flora Grubb for plants, for example).
The next meeting will be on Thursday, January 8, from 7-8:30pm in the Ingleside Library meeting room.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara VanderBorght

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