Survey Cost Estimate

This document breaks down the cost for surveying Ridge Lane section by section. We’ll discuss it at the December 12th meeting. Fee for San Jose Ave. to Caine Ave. $13,000 Fee for Caine Ave. to Tara St./Majestic St. $11,000 Fee for Tara St./Majestic to Louisburg St./Margaret Ave. $11,500 Fee for Louisburg St./Margaret Ave. to HowthContinue reading “Survey Cost Estimate”

Meeting Thursday Dec 12th (Notes added 1/8/14)

Date: Thursday, December 12th – Time: 7-8:30PM. Location: Ingleside Library Community Room – Address: 1298 Ocean Avenue. SFPD/Taraval Station and SFSAFE representatives are expected to join us. Meeting Notes by Patricia Ris (added to post 1/8/14) Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting/Thursday December 12th 2013 San Francisco Public Library Ingleside Branch/7-8:30PM (See also: This meeting wasContinue reading “Meeting Thursday Dec 12th (Notes added 1/8/14)”