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100% of your donation will go directly toward the renovation and ongoing maintenance of Ridge Lane. Any size donation makes a huge impact and all donations are tax deductible. Our greatest challenge is fundraising and we appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

To donate, click the button below. Donations are funneled through the SF Parks Alliance, which is the fiscal sponsor of Ridge Lane Neighbors — rest assured that 100% of your contribution will go to Ridge Lane.

Attend a Ridge Lane Neighbors Meeting

Ridge Lane Neighbors holds monthly meetings that are open to the public. These meetings *almost always* occur on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00p online. Please join us! We welcome all neighbors to learn more about and contribute to the project.

Updates to the meeting schedule will be posted on the Meetings and Activity page.

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If you can’t participate in the meetings but are looking for other ways to get involved, please email to learn about other opportunities.

Log your Volunteer Hours

Have you spent time cleaning up portions of or otherwise contributing to the beautification of Ridge Lane? Please log these hours below by entering a comment under “Leave Reply” at the end of this page. The hours are tracked for use in our grant proposals and other funding mechanisms.

To avoid spam, the first comment posted by any user must be manually approved, so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t show up right away.

Thanks for helping out and thanks for recording your efforts!

126 thoughts on “Get Involved

    1. Oct to Dec 2019, Lynn – clean up Median a few time, about 12 hours
      12/8/19, Lynn – clean up Parcel #1 with Robert, Patricia-2 hours


  1. 12/8/18: Clean Up Day participation: 3 hours
    Weekly Parcel One clean up and irrigation system check-up: 6 hours


  2. February meeting: Mary Beth D’Alonzo; Danielle Casey Callaghan; Scot Kauffman; Moneka Ubanske; Robert Muehlbauer; Lynn Yuan; Barbara VanderBorght


  3. January meeting (prior entry was for March): Warren Longmire; Mary Beth D’Alonso; Lynn Yuan; Danielle Casey Callaghan; Barbara VanderBorght


  4. Mary Beth
    5/10-19 PUC to submit request for meter 2 hrs
    4/30-5/10 calls, emails with a LMNOP and plumber re meter installation 1 hr
    5/31-19 met Tyler on site re: water pipe 1 hr
    6/2 dug for pipe 1.5 hr
    6/8 dug for pipe 1 hr


  5. July:
    – Monthly meeting 1.5 hours
    – Planning and organizing 1.5 hours
    – Monthly meeting 1.5 hours
    – Planning and organizing 2 hours
    – Parcel 4 meetings 2 hours
    – Monthly meeting: 1.5 hours
    – Planning and organizing 2 hours
    – Parcel 4 meetings 3 hours


  6. October:
    – Monthly meeting 1.5 hours
    – Planning and organizing 2 hours
    – Monthly meeting 1.5 hours
    – Planning and organizing 1.5 hours
    – Monthly meeting: 1.5 hours
    – Planning and organizing 1 hour


  7. 2 Ridge Lane meetings- 2 hours
    1 trash removel at RidgeXMajestic -1 hour
    Ridge Lane partners sign prep – 1 1/2 hours


  8. Volunteer hours January-March 2020: 12 hours total, for daily/weekly doggie station/garbage can, dumping and litter clean up, and walk through on Parcel 1


  9. Patricia Ris, January-March 2020 hours spent: 12 hours total for weekly/daily garbage cans and doggie station clean up, 311 Howth Avenue dumping calls and litter removal Parcel 1.


  10. March email correspondence with LMNOP and RLN group – 1 hour
    Cleanup day – 2.5 hours
    April RLN meeting – 1 hour


  11. Ram’s volunteer hours:
    1-7-20 – 1 hour RLN meeting
    3-10-20 – 1 hour RLN meeting
    5-6-20 – 1 hour trash pick-up, parcel 2
    7-6-20 – 1.5 hour RLN meeting
    7-?-20 – .5 hour call to Jerry Cullinane
    8-26-20 – .5 hour call to Jerry Cullinane
    9 -?-20 – 1 hour RLN meeting
    9-5-20 – 1 hour, site visit, review of kiosk plans with contractor Patrick
    9-6-20 – 1 hour, site visit, review of kiosk drawings with contractor Dave
    10-13-20 – 1 hour RLN meeting


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